Which PPC platform is best for banner advertising?

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Hello fellow warriors,

I am looking to do some major media buyouts for banners and would love to hear your recommendations for the best networks out there.

I am not going to use Google Adwords as I don't think they will approve my ads and they will most likely suspend my account.

I am looking for a network that can offer good traffic, good conversions and a reasonably low CPC. Also Adwords has become way too expensive.

The main feature is that is that it must offer banner advertising and can provide high volume.

The niche is in dating.


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  • Any suggestions please???.....
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      i would suggest you to try bidvertiser.....
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        I know you said you don't want to use adwords but I use their display network to get penny clicks on my banner ads - you can't get much cheaper than that
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      Originally Posted by marktheonlinesurfer View Post

      Any suggestions please???.....
      I would suggest "Adwords" as per my personal experience. I had invested around $1000 for 1 month & i had got clients who gave me project of around $3200 so in short i earned $2200 + Clients

      So Adwords would be the best suggestion from my side !

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    Adwords is great but its more expensive than other networks. If you are looking for a cheaper one, Try Bidvertiser or Adbrite. They are good too and also cheaper.

    I love warriorforum.

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    Reach Local does banners and sets cookies once a visitor comes to a site.
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