Can Anyone Recommend A 'Complete SEO For Newbies' Book?

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I need a book that defines all these mind-bending SEO strategies and lays them all out for me to understand.

Especially useful if it was relatively recent, as I understand new strategies are being uncovered every day.

I am a big 'step by step' junkie, so having a complete 'SEO Step by Step' guide would be great. I just feel overwhelmed trying to search through forums to find out how to 'build a linkwheel' or 'social bookmarking blasts' etc etc
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      Originally Posted by jsmichael6 View Post

      'The art of SEO' is the best book for beginners.
      Thanks for the suggestion, will look into it!
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        Hi there,

        I cant reccomend a book, but I can reccomend a blog post I put up a while back aimed perciselly at newbies, although some "seniors" could also benefit from it.

        How to do SEO - my thoughts and the way I look at it. Hope this helps

        Sincerely, Buyseech
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      Originally Posted by jsmichael6 View Post

      'The art of SEO' is the best book for beginners.
      I agree, it's one of the best however I am not aware if they have brought in new editions of the book.

      Apart from the book, you can learn about a lot of stuff from forums as well especially about the latest changes that are going on at the moment.
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    This week I get the WSO called G Detonator Version 2.0 and I really recommend it. Lot's of haha moments in this 160 pages book. How to link to the money site with social and profile link wheels, how to build backlinks around. Really a complete guide perfect for the panda update!
    There are many good SEO available in market, thought you can't rely on all of them, as it involves your hard earned money. Though I used to do SEO by myself and currently has 4 websites for 3 keywords each as first result(ofcourse first page). Now I'm busy doing other marketing stuff I've given my work to "All Packages At One Place" , and so far I'm satisfied with their services. You can google more for SEO, but I find them reasonable price with good quality. But incase you find better than them, don't forget to post your comments, I'll be very interested.Thanks
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    • When learning SEO, it's important not to overcomplicate things.
      Just focus on two factors,. Your onpage seo, and your offpage seo.
      Onpage is setting up your site perfectly with the keyword in the headings, title, description etc, and Offpage SEO is getting backlinks (ideally high quality) to your site.

      Sure there's a lot more to it than that, but that will get you started at least
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    G Detonator Version 2.0 is the best WSO I have read this year on SEO, highly recommend you grab a copy.
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    Good information about the seo for beginner .

    Thanks for all for sharing this.
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      there are some good video tuts on
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    For my $.02, I would suggest "Search Engine Optimization" by Kristopher B. Jones.

    Founder of Pepperjam. He provides you all the needed background.
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    Google SEO Secrets by Dan Sisson
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    it's kinda hard to get a complete seo for newbies ebook, some materials are not considered for newbies...
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