IS your WP Editor Latent and Slow when writing posts?

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Hi warriors

I realize I could compose my posts outside of WP, and that would obviously resolve
my problem. But it doesn't address the question...

So, I ask - Do you experience the same latency that I do when I compose within Wordpress itself?
And, if so, do you know why? or how to rectify the issue?

Since I use the "backspace" key (more than I would care to admit ) this latent behavior becomes
painfully evident! (major arrggg! )

I really hate to have to sue Wordpress over this!


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    I don't notice anything like that. Perhaps it has to do with the computer you're using. Is it a laptop? PC, MAC? Old, new?
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    How long has this been going on?
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      Thank you blaze and boa,

      I've been with hostgator for a couple of months now. Before that I had a diff host for a couple of years. I do not recall whether it happened there or not (what a poor memory!)? You would think if it did, I would remember.

      It doesn't seem to happen on wordpad or MS Word, or with anything related to my desktop.

      It almost seems as if its relegated to the Wordpress editor?

      It does seem to have been happening for at least as long as I have been using HG...

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    Wow really? A couple of months?

    You said it doesn't seem to happen for desktop applications, but what about if you use a web based application such as Google Docs, or Microsoft Web Office?

    Also, have you tried to see if the problem persists even on different computers?
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    I think it is probably related to your browser. Try switching browsers between firefox, IE, or chrome and see if it is still slow.
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    I've used WP on and GoDaddy with Firefox and have not experienced any issues.

    I am merely speculating but are you using any plugins that could be causing this to occur?
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    I have not experienced any latency when writing and editing in WP. Alternatively, you can compose your posts on a text editor and then copy to the WP editor.
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      Bird- I know, but I really would rather fix the problem
      indy- I don't know
      blaze- in a sense it may very well be firefox related. When I disable javascript in firefox, it resolves the issue, but of course it causes other problems. So that doesn't seem to provide a real solution

      This is going to sound a bit weird, but it doesn't happen when I'm typing, it only presents its latency when use the backspace specifically, and the back arrow. And since I am not a great typer, I use have to go "back" quite a bit!

      I just opened IE to see what would happen there, and it isn't a problem there? In all honesty though, I can see that in IE it is latent, but very very little; almost imperceptibly so.

      But in Firefox, it just drags (unless of course JS disabled), and causes me to erase (backspace) portions of words I didn't want to, simply because you the cursor lags behind!

      It's frustrating arrrggggg!!

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        Well... an an informed internet user i wouldn't suggest IE to anyone, but Chrome is a perfectly acceptable alternative to firefox. You probably have a resource conflict somewhere but honestly you could spend 15 hours tracking it down and still not find it.

        I suggest you try Chrome. I know several people that like it better than firefox (personally I still use firefox). Chrome has fewer memory issues.

        It's perfectly fine to backspace a lot. I backspace almost as often as I space myself. I'm not sloppy, I'm just a perfectionist!
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    Maybe it could be because you have so many plugins installed on firefox?
    I don't use firefox, I use Chrome, so I wouldn't be too sure about it.
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      blaze I wouldn't consider IE either, I was thinking about going back to FF 3.6 which worked out well. I hear it will be supported until april. Maybe that can give the coders time to make 10.0.2 right. Because as it is, it's awful. Really really bad experience

      Boa, I only have (thought use said "add-ons" but you said plugins) a couple of plugins

      I only have

      1. TAC
      2. regenerate
      3. sexy bookmarks (trust me, they're not sexy!)
      4. WP cumulus
      5. WP popular posts
      and I haven't even really loaded the ones I need!

      I'm seriously thinking about jumping back to 3.6 before I go into a coma!

      (or is it a "comma"? I know if I go into the wrong one, an apostrophe
      might bite me in the ass!)

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        I couldn't take it any more (some sites/pages not loading). I was at my last straw. So I reverted to firefox version3.6.27 - I know, it will not be supported forever, but at least for now....

        It, not only resolved the issue with the loading of certain sites and page, but it also cleared up the problem in the WP editor!!

        WHO KNEW!!!!!!

        The crowd cheers!!!!!

        Well, to be hjonest I was surprised this fixed the WP editor issue. I was convinced it would resolve the issue about specific sites and pages not loading, but was amazed to see it fixed the WP editor "latency" issue as well!!!

        BUhh YAAAhhh!!!!

        thanks Boa, Blaze. Bird and Indy for all your help

        Danni~ (one happy girl!)
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    Congrats Dano
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