What is the general characteristics of easy keywords to be easy to rank for?

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What is the general characteristics of easy keywords to be easy to rank for?

Help me guys to give me general guidelines or hints for "easy keywords" that can rank easily using them?

Thanks in advance.
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    It's all about the backlinks.

    If you want to find an easy keyword to rank for then you simply have to look at the top 10 competitors backlinks and see how strong their backlink profile is.

    For example:

    If your #1 competitor has 5 PR 0 links than that would obviously be a very easy keyword to rank for.

    However, if your #1 competitor had 500 PR 7 links, 300 PR 4 links, and 200 PR 3 links than that keyword is obviously going to be quite difficult to compete with. It can be done, but it certainly wouldn't be categorized as "easy."
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    You want to rank an easy keyword, just to rank it? Why are you only going for the "easy ones".
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    ...what I'm getting at is..there are keywords you can rank all day EASILY, but that doesn't mean your then going to make money off it just because you rank it to number one.
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    I believe the common consensus is that you will rank keywords based on what industry you would like to create content about after researching heavily. So the easy ones should stand out to you when you start doing searches in the keyword tool.

    So first things first, pick a few industries that you think have potential for money and do some research on keywords for those few industries. If you see one that has good traffic and appears as an easy target, go for it.

    Traffic is also a good rule of thumb, if a word has more than a thousand hits a month it is moving out of the easy to rank range but still not that difficult. Marketers like to target large traffic keywords generally. This is not always the best route to go though since a "buying keyword" will convert to a acquisition more easily.
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