do links from subdomains count like seperate sites for google rank value?

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As my question asks ... for instance if you have several blog or websites, does any of the PR that each site might have and point at your money site get diluted or ignored by google as it is seen as coming from the same site, just different pages? Or does the fact that each site is a different subdomain make any difference?

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    Go on, i dare you to answer and share your wonderful knowledge .. as I am sure that a few other people out there might also be mystifed by the mechanics of it all ... no really!

    just a dog guy.

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    Links from subdomains will also be calculated as backlinks.
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    So google will not consider it like just another page from the same site and down grade the PR juice from it? As that is an issue if people are using something like yahoo answers where all answers come from the basic same URL so after a few posts there is little extra value.

    I guess thought that sites that give you a free blog as a subfolder would not be of value for having multiple blogs on them as it would act like just another page on the same site? yes

    just a dog guy.

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      They are treated as separate domains but Google will take note they are on the same IP address.
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    They are treated more likely as separate sites (but not truly as real different domains) because of their TLD and IP is same.
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