"Google Gives Search a Refresh"... what are the consequences?

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Hi guys,

I came across this article on the Wall Street Journal, talking about Googles changes the upcoming months.

What do you think will be the consequences, in a good or bad way, and for what kind of search results (products/local results etcetera)?
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    I think perhaps you should check a few times to see if people are already talking about it before posting ;-)

    And it's stupid. Again. They are going to violate copyright by pulling these facts from people's sites instead of creating their own content.

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      People glean facts all the time from sites. facts are
      not copyrighted. Perhaps sentences are copyrighted,
      but one could not really copyright a sentence like,
      "earth is a planet."

      Information and ideas are not copyrighted.

      Wikipedia is an example of facts gone berserk.

      Google already scrapes stuff on their news pages.

      Anything in the US that is written or published,
      is in fact copyrighted.

      Fair use has always been pretty broad in the US.

      Google is a world-wide company. US laws do not
      no have much effect in China, for example.

      But it's not about copyright. It's about giving
      the searcher what they want in a better form.

      But this would not really affect many here.


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        Originally Posted by paulgl View Post

        But this would not really affect many here.

        It sure would. Whether they can pull it off is one thing but as presented it seems to me that it ups the game for LSI and that in turn would have drastic impacts on on page content SEO factors. Since many here still rely on weak content and spinning it would be very hard to maintain LSI benefits with spinning and you would have to at least do enough research on a subject to include particular words Doing all of that you might as well just write a good article or maybe people would just do more ripping off of good content but still you would have to not spin out certain words to not lose the impact.

        But Google has to show that the new system work and is more than just a wish.

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