How To Find High PR expired domains (in other countries)

by Goath
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I started to build my own blog network by using domains I registered a long time ago (sometimes five years ago) and build a blog on it with unique reviews on my own products / websites and of course a backlink.

From the first test results, I can say, it works great.

Only there's one problem at the moment - I am running out of my old domains with a little bit of PR and backlinks.

Basically, I have two options:

  1. Register new domains, build backlinks to them etcetera, but this will take a long time before it pays off.
  1. I buy old domains with some backlinks to them and (if possible) a little bit of PR. The only problem we have got here is how to find these, because I am from The Netherlands!

    On Godaddy Acutions I can't find expiring domains who have some backlinks, age and PR.

Does someone know if there is some kind of software who can find these domains for me.. and if not, are there any tricks I can use to uncover these kind of domains!
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    Option #1
    If you have Scrapebox you can use the TDNAM addon to check expiring domains for pagerank. Scrapebox also has a fake PR checker add on which you can use to verify the actual PR and check for things such as 301 redirects, etc. You can also go directly to the Go Daddy Auctions page and search for domains there. You can filter them by traffic, price, age, extension, etc. and download a list of 40k of them and send them to scrapebox. Here is a video tutorial on how to do this:

    Option # 2:

    I have heard good things about this site, but I have never tried it out personally. It may be worth checking out:

    #1 Source For Buying Old & Aged HIGH PageRank Domains

    Option 3:

    Here are several sites where you can find great deals on high pr domains.
    Good Luck!
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    Pretty meaty post - my friend. Great information, however, how can I use this for dutch websites .NL..

    Is there a tool/software that searches for expiring .NL domains with pagerank/age/backlinks
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    Hi Goath,

    I have developed a system called Aged Domain Hunter at Aged Domain Hunter

    What we do with page ranked domains is highlight them blue according to their strengths. For example if a domain has 50+ back links, has an age of over 2 years old, and are a valid page rank of 3 and above we highlight them blue for our customers.

    So you really do not have to do any searching at all. We give you the domains. We analyze all the domains that end within 10 days and currently we have 900 High page ranked blue domains in our db that are ending within 10 days from namejet and godaddy.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think stingray06's post is most useful. I would go with that and also would do bit more due diligence of mine.
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    did you ever try to use
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    Nice! Thanks!
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  • Nice post stingrays. Like you said avoiding fake page rank is very important. Its like buying a knock off Rolex watch (worthless).
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    I like this free service - Domain Auction Information - DomCop (P.S - Not mine ) to see some expiring domains n auctioned domains.

    Actually there are lots of registrars on Internet but these sites cover few popular ones I guess.
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