Do Facebook Pages and Twitter have any say in your rankings?

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I'm in a really competitive niche and am looking for anything to get an edge on my competitors.
One of my competitors who have just appeared last month has implemented all these things on their account. Google Circle, 500 Facebook likes (most likely purchased these likes), and Twitter.

My question is: With all the emphasis put on social media these days, will having an active Facebook page with many likes and a Twitter account with many followers have any significant effect on my rankings for the keyword?

Will it be worth making the Facebook page and twitter account solely for serp ranking purposes?
(I'm not talking about using these platforms as a traffic source)

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    Supposedly Google Plus will become increasingly important to ranking. Currently it may be limited

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    Apparently social ranking is beginning to have a bearing on website ranking. Plus one is definitely marked for having an effect (not surprisingly, as the rankings in Google are the ones affected) and social pages will most probably become more important over time when it comes to page rank.

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    I don't think it has a significant impact, at least not right now. I hear people say it can give a temporary boost if you get enough, but I have not seen this happen. If it ever did it would be tough to compete with some big sites that hundreds of likes and tweets per post.
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    Twitter, yes. Facebook, no.
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    Both Facebook and Twitter can improve your website rankings. Although neither of them will likely cause any significant movement.

    People forget that Google's algorithm is a lot more complex than just counting "link juice" or "no-follow vs do-follow."

    A Facebook like, backlink or Tweet sends a positive signal to Google that has some value. For example, if a Twitter user has 20,000 legitmate followers, and your webiste is mentioned on that user's wall, Google will notice.

    Similarly, if a Facebook page is fairly popular, and references your website, it would be silly for Google to ignore it.
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    It all depends upon the Google algorithm. The latest algorithm is focusing upon social media an an important factor in ranking webpages. Therefore getting a Facebook page and twitter account and increasing your popularity there would indirectly benefit you to rrank well on the serps.

    Guest post links are effective when they are contextual and natural!!

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    No,it has no impact in search engine ranking,its important and useful to increase online awareness and traffic only.
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    I am using twitter for indexing but need to check the direct impact of retweeting on my SERP . Twitter is a good indexing tool nowadays .
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    Google Webmaster tools show several links for my site on Twitter and on Facebook, so I would say that it is worth using both platforms for link juice.
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    Always when you put a question up 50% will say yes and 50% will say no.
    Only trust the people that really tested it and know the results from their tests.
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    Social likes and sharing should appear as natural.. sudden increase and sudden drop will no appear as natural.
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    hello thanks nice information
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    Yes,Social media has a strong part in your search engine rankings.I recommend all my customers to keep their facebook and twitter fanpages active always.I know it works well.
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    If you are getting backlinks from twitter and facebook, you will definitely get a boost in SERP ranking... Google gives good weightage to backlinks from social media sites.

    Keep rankings aside for a moment, these networking websites help you in driving traffic to your website and building a good client base. So, all in all, social networking is a good deal.

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    Twitter will help you for 2 things:

    1) get a quick index of your website/blog
    2) get instant traffic to your website


    Facebook will help you only for 1 thing:

    - instant traffic

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    I'm not seeing it
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    I actually did make a twitter account 3 months ago just to try it out for my site. I have about 125 followers now and i barely use it anymore but I get about 2 new followers everyday.

    That being said, I have not had a single visitor come in through Twitter.
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      Originally Posted by lovboa View Post

      I actually did make a twitter account 3 months ago just to try it out for my site. I have about 125 followers now and i barely use it anymore but I get about 2 new followers everyday.

      That being said, I have not had a single visitor come in through Twitter.
      For that you need to do a proper engagement on social media platforms particularly Facebook & Twitter. Facebook is very good for instant traffic, if your page on facebook has thousand of fans you can easily divert your fans to your great website by posting your website content on facebook page. You can increase you returning visitors by this and google will love it for sure as you will be getting new and returning visitors on daily basis.
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    Danny Sullivan Asked Question To Google and Bing

    Do you track links shared within Facebook, either through personal walls or fan pages?



    Yes. We look at links shared that are marked as “Everyone,” and links shared from Facebook fan pages.


    We treat links shared on Facebook fan pages the same as we treat tweeted links. We have no personal wall data from Facebook.
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    you can get many visitors and your site could be index instantly but it doesn't have anything with ranking.
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    Hello! I do believe in twitter but facebook, not as convincing or promising.
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    I think both work and Youtube and Delicious, even Facebook but you need a large amount of fans to see any effect 10k +
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