Amazing Google Page 1 or Rank #1 in 2-3 days! How do they do it!?

by Diice
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Hi Guys,

ive been researching SEO for a while now and using different pieces of software etc.

But often i see WSO's that state they can get you to the top of google within a week, normally its less than that, sometimes 2-3 days.

I understand that this probably isnt for the most competetive of keywords, however i would like to understand how they do this. Are they using a particular piece of software? If so i'd like to learn more about it so i can make my own SEO tasks easier.

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    Its all in the keyword research my man
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      But in that case the service wouldnt work, you have to pay for the service before you mention a keyword?

      Surely its not fair for me to pay for something only to be told the keyword i want ranking is "too competetive"?
      Some keywords can be ranked with one backlink, its hardly worth $90-$200 if your only getting 1 or 2 visitors from a crappy easy to rank keyword?

      As far as i am aware on their WSO's they do not limit the buyer to non-competetive keywords?

      Thanks for your reply,
      Originally Posted by Becker13 View Post

      Its all in the keyword research my man
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    There's always a catch.

    It's impossible to guarantee #1 rankings, no matter the keyword.
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      Originally Posted by JSProjects View Post

      There's always a catch.

      It's impossible to guarantee #1 rankings, no matter the keyword.
      Not really, I can guarantee to get anyone a number one ranking for "roflcopter this is the best keyword this side of the moon" - how long it will last is another thing, but sure, I can guarantee a number one ranking.
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        You should be carefull with such gigs, they could easily build you a lot of high PR homepage links and remove them a month later.
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    It depends on the competition for this keyword! The way they do this is that they have a "ready to do" list that they follow each time (this is something like: 1) Add 3 500-word articles to the blog 2) Submit to Top 5 article directories 3) Comment on high quality blogs 4) Submit to Bookmarking sites 5) Do a forum marketing Then ping all the websites at once, so Google will visit them very quickly! // They are using almost everywhere the same keyword and if the backlinks are quality... It is normal to get a very good ranking in Google

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