Google Rank 33, 46, 72 Want number 1 On a budget

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my campingtipstv site is getting ranked in different keywords already I would love warriors help getting to number 1 in google i have been posting in lots of forums leaving lots of links. This Noob needs help and advice to get to top 3 at least.
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  • sites to new to do fiverr gigs from one of the articles i read here what can i do for the next few weeks thanks
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    Funny videos but some of the other pages loaded so slowly I gave up. Fix that. Google will not rank you well if the pages take forever to load. OK I am getting 500 errors aon your html pages.
    And the page URLs need to include the keyword or keyword phrase! yours are: sitename/category/page1.html they should be sitename/category/keyword-phrase.html

    Did you do keyword research and competition research on your keywords? Do you know how many sites onthere are with the same keywords in the title, in the url? how many backlinks they have? And especially the ten sites on page 1 for each keyword?

    Do you know how many searches there are per month for the phrases in broad and exact matches?

    PK answer these and fix the 500 errors on the html pages and then we can go to the next steps.
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  • we must be looking at different html pages but i dont see any errors send me the links of the ones you found please
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    Ditto @Thinking_man_too Your site takes forever to load, Google does not like slow sites.

    The server you are on is filled - 191 - Godaddy is packing them in.

    Get Found on the Internet with SEO based web design -
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  • any suggestions it is running slower today then yesterday much and getting slower
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  • I need a far better hosting solution godaddy is crap
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