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A competitor seems to have several KW meta descriptions that correspond with several different KW targeted Home Pages showing up in Google searches. Can someone help me understand how they are doing this? They are using wordpress for the main site and each additional KW Home page seems to be an html page because that's what the url ends with for these city targeted home pages.

If you search for a particular city location e.g. = service + city, each different city will have it's own home page referencing only that city for that service. They must do a "find and replace" for each city as the copy remains the same.

Once you are on the site and click another tab - when you click the Home tab you are taken to a generic main page - not the targeted city page that you first came through too.

They have different home pages with targeted meta descriptions that show up in google searches for each city they service. The desciptions usually say, "Are you looking for plumbers in "city"?" The title tags are geared for that city also. So you are taken to a home page that is specifically targeted for that city only. They must have over 20 additional home pages that all end in .html besides the main generic home page that's probably geared to only a few local cities and the counties.

How are they doing this? Their site always shows up on the first page for the cities they have done this for. Are they creating these different home pages and just not adding them to the menu? Why do the url's end in html though as if they are in a folder somewhere?

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    It sounds like they are dynamically generating the pages using variables, such as the city name. That's why the content is the same, the variables are just inserted at the time of displaying the page to the visitor.

    .html can be appended to URL's by using a Wordpress plugin.
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    Thank you. On another post in the seo forum, someone suggested using this trick to see all the backlinks and pages siite:url (yes, with the typo) and that worked because they have tons of pages using cities and even zipcodes.

    It looks like they are using either a subdirectory or subfolder (I'm not that good with directory info), but it goes like this: domain/Georgia (which is the folder or subdirectory) / the page url So, domain/Georgia/url

    Each page is a front page with it's own meta description in google. Then when you are on that page, but click home or any other tab, you go to the main generic home page or the regular pages under those tabs and are not able to access that particular segmented home page again.

    I have noticed this similar to a national SEO company (they operate in 6 states) that has this line in their SEO page.... If you search seo companies in any city in one of those states - they have a segmented home page and they are on 1st page.

    "Then we find your best geographical top cities that you would like your website to place on the first page for each particular city. If you take your keywords and multiply them out by all the cities that we target (about 30 keywords and 30 cities) gives you a minimum of 900 different searching ways a potential customer that you never even knew you had will be able to find your business online. Another important tactic that we apply is that we create multiple front page listings for your your website on the SAME PAGE! This means your website will rank sometimes twice on the same page! In a nutshell, We apply tactics that no other SEO companies even know how to achieve. We will blow away your competition!

    Are they all using some kind of plugin? I have to say this tactic really works for them! What exact steps are they doing? This is great for local seo.
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