100 articles published, pinged, gave back links, used indexer, only 7 indexed...is it normal?

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I'm new to SEO using tools. So I'm not sure what I'm doing is right.

Recently I used AMR and published about 100 articles (spun). These are meant to be back links to my tier 2 sites, so the articles would be tier 3.

Anyway, I put a link to 1 of tier 2 sites on all the articles.
This site is made by free web host and not indexed yet.

I made sure all the articles/links are alive.

So, then I used scrapebox rapid indexer(with recent service URLs) for all the URLs, and then I used scrapebox commenting to give backlinks to those articles as well. 1000 successful comments meaning 10 back links per 1 article on average.

Anyway, it's been a full day since then and I checked my article URLs. I got only 7 article URLs indexed. Also, my tier 2 site which I put links to from my articles is not indexed either.

Is that normal?
I can think of possible reasons like
*maybe I didn't spun the article enough for G to index?
*maybe should wait a bit more?
*1000 comments(10 per each) are not enough?
*rapid indexer is not working? (it says work completed though)

But a beginner I'm not sure what is going wrong.
My plan was to use articles as tier 3 and give decent links to my tier 2's but if this is normal I need tons of articles published, and from what other people are saying I shouldn't need that much.

Help would be appreciated.

PS: I used an AA list for scrapebox.
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    This process usually takes time. I mean pinging them does make the process of indexing them faster, however, it is probably better that they get indexed slowly.

    This is because Google will raise flags if it sees too many backlinks being built
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      Originally Posted by damasgate View Post

      This process usually takes time. I mean pinging them does make the process of indexing them faster, however, it is probably better that they get indexed slowly.

      This is because Google will raise flags if it sees too many backlinks being built
      Thanks for your reply.
      Yeah I understand it maybe better to be indexed slowly. But that aside, after using rapid indexer and a bunch of comments, is it a reasonable number after a day? (using rapid indexer and "blasting" with comments are said to make indexing faster, aren't they?)
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        I don't understand you guys why you do thinks like this ... ping and other method to force Google to index your content when the thinks are so clear

        If you submit 100 articles in this article directory (zuarticles.com) your all articles will be indexed in 30 minutes and will be permanent indexed not like BMR or other networks like that.

        When you will understand doing things like this trying to force Google will never works because we are humans not robots and google knows if a site works with automated software or manually.

        All webmaster that works manually and know how is work SEO can confirm what i say here

        In the end i wish you good luck!

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    As millions of new urls appear each day, so it might take a bit more time for search engines to crawl, digest and index those pages. So, you need to wait.
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    Don't ping them at once, too many backlinks could harm your site, NOT help it

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    Also keep in mind that just because you ping the site, it does not mean that the Google bot runs right to it. It is just put into all of the other sites that are being pinged and need to be crawled.

    If you are going to ping, I suggest that you only do it with a portion of the links that you built and then let the search engines find the rest of the links on their own. This will look a little more natural to the search engines.
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    Thanks for your replies.
    Just to make sure. I didn't just ping. I used rapid indexer (scrapebox) and also gave 1000 comments links to the sites. Also, my link is to a site I just created a couple of days ago and I'm using a free host so if it harms this site, it's OK. What I'm doing is more for experiment.(because 1st time to use AMR and the indexing method)

    So, again, is it normal to have just 7 URLs indexed after not only pinging, but also using rapid indexer and comment blasting? I'm not frustrated by not getting indexed. I just want to know if it is normal that after those methods only these numbers of sites are indexed.

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    I have never heard or used those tools you describe. If the articles were published on a high quality site, you wouldn't have to any of this and all your articles would be indexed pretty quickly. If the site is not known or new, it may take time.
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    A better way to get your articles indexed is to send backlinks to them using a free service like onlywire

    This service will submit your page to the larger social bookmarking and social media sites provided you have an account with them
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