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Someone told me I should use Pinterest / Home to help my sites rank well. I just joined up and have no idea how to use it. They didn't talk about how to make the best use of it.

As best I can tell, you publish your pictures (pin them) to the site. But can anyone give me any pointers in how to make the best use of the site Pinterest / Home

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    Hi Tim,
    I haven't personally used pintrest as a user however I can recommend getting involved. I have noticed a few referrals from it. From what I gather its a social bookmarking site like most others, you favourite stuff and it pins it on your board. I put a pintrest submit button at the end of my posts for the website it my sig and a lot of my users use it. Also it provide some nice backlink eye candy in webmaster tools as it picks pintrest up, not sure on the value of the links but Google register them.
    Hope this helps.

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    The links you get from the above site's will be nofollow and they cannot be considered as backlinks for your site, the links you have on these sites can bring a good amount of traffic to your site.
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    but I quite a few surprised a few days ago when my visitor of my one website suddenly reached more than 100 visitors / day, and 20% of it comes from Pinterest (I checked from, which I never submit to or heard of Pinterest before! how come?
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    Yeah they are no follow but all the big social networking sites are. Considering Google are trying to use social media as indications for quality it would be silly to think they were worthless. Do follow just passes on PAGE RANK. There is more to SEO than page rank. Also to the above user you got pintrest hits as people favorites your site by adding the group manual to their favorites.

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    ya i have use pinterest site very nice social networking site
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    If I were you, I would not use pinterest for promoting my website. I don't find pinterest very interesting. Also, I believe, user penetration of pinterest is less and it is limited to sharing images. In my opinion, pinterest is yet not a good platform for promotion.

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