50 new backlinks confirmed. after a week, nothing happens in SERPs...

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I build some good quality (so I hope) links and I saw 50-60 new links confirmed to my site over a week or so. My keyword for this site is not competitive. (Even #1 site has only 200 backlinks or so and not from high PR sites).

My site is 4 months old and initially I just did directory submissions and then it appeared on 25th already in a week, and then I gave a couple of links from my other sites (PR1 and 2) and did some blog commenting and then it went up to 15th. (It started to dance a couple of days after I gave the links and within a week it stayed on 14-16th.)

Now, to boost more, I started to some more link building. I made some web 2.0 accounts and made original posts to every site. I interlinked some sites, or gave some other backlinks to those sites, and I did it over 1week to 10 days and I made sure new sites/links were indexed. So I had 50 or so more back links now to the main site, which are all indexed.

It's been 1 week since I confirmed the links and I expected it would give some movements on SERPs already - maybe not steady moving up movement but some dancing, but after a week or so it has not done anything. steady #14-16. And as I said it is not a competitive niche. I don't even think sites below #10 have done any off page SEO.

So, my question - Should I be more patient or do you think something is wrong? It seems taking a bit long from my experience.

My new backlinks are not shown up on Webmasters tools yet. However Google cached my site a couple of days ago. So it should have the newest information...

Thanks in advance.
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    Rankings don't happen automatically. They don't even happen quickly for the most part when it comes to off page SEO gains. Give it time and keep building links - in a month or two you will certainly see the results you are looking for.
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      Rankings don't happen automatically.
      Yes, this is true.
      If it was that easy to rank your site, everyone would hit Google number 1 in a few days. Just keep building those links and you will get there. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint
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        Quality of backlinks are really beneficial rather than quantity of backlinks for your site.Quality of backlinks are very useful for bringing traffics for your website.They are useful for the ranking of your site in the different search engines.

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    If your site was indexed just a couple of days ago you definetely should expect the top positions in Google SERP. Give some time to Google to understand what site you are managing, look for Google dance etc.
    Anyway it should take several monthes to get final results. If you believe it should work faster you may try black hat. But remember that it could ruin everything.
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    You need to wait two to three weeks to see improvement. Immediate improvement is a myth.
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    SEO takes time. Just keep building quality links and you'll get there.
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    Thanks guys for your replies. I'm not necessarily looking for any quick "improvement" - but any movement - like Google starts to "dance" or something. From my experience it usually did something in a week or so...sometimes dropped a bit and went up. But not seeing anything made me wonder.
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    I do not think that you are doing wrong, you are on correct path. But do NOT stop getting backlinks, Keep on getting backlinks, specially stick with contextual links building (using relevant content like article submissions, press releases, blogging etc)
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    Google doens't update rankings each minute... You should be patient... Your work involved building backlinks only, don't pay attention WHY Google still hadn't updated the rankings. Continue building QUALITY backlinks and try to outrank your competitors.

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    Every new website takes a minimum of 3 months to get crawled and indexed in search engines. You need to optimize your site with good content and implement all SEO techniques. It is better to increase your site backlinks
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