Quality score is lowest on my highest CTR keywords?

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I just started ppc with adcenter and its showing my quality score is lowest on my highest CTR keywords. It says my keyword relevance is poor yet my CTR is 7% how could this be?
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    While QS is mostly calculated on CTR, each keyword is different. QS is a relative calculation of your CTR against the historical average of all advertisers for that keyword, adjusted for position.

    Therefore, if KeywordA is historically at 10% and KeywordB at 5%, your KeywordA may get a 7% click rate which is below the average historically and therefore you get a lower QS (average being 5) while your KeywordB may get a 6% click rate which is higher than the historical average and will therefore calculate to a higher QS.
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    been there! I contacted Google and the girl told me "under her breath" that what works usually is not correct. I had really cool ads that got attention but Google did not care, they eventually banned my account for saying "F*ck" to them too much. that is ok, i get tons of free SEO traffic now
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