"Media Buyers" How do they do it ?

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the site traffic tactics, it says they make 5 million a month. but everyone says its crap.
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    Are you asking a question? A lot of the claims made on the web are not wholly accurate and you should always look for proof.

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    yes, is it for real. has anyone else had any sucess with it. the point what is media buying
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    You do not have to believe every thing said .

    Even as to the proof , most of the proof are not real.

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    Traffic Tactics and the Traffic University material are hands down the most comprehensive and thorough information about Media Buying ever released to the public. They handled that launch and product in a questionable way but the information is second to none. There is nothing else like it.

    The average person is not going to be able to pull it off though. There is a pretty big learning curve and there are some sizable financial commitments you have to make but it can be done.

    Media Buying in that context is about Banner, Pops, Email Drops, Co Reg and newsletter traffic.

    In a nutshell:

    1 - Getting offers to promote (your own or affiliate)
    2 - Researching your competition to find out what's being promoted and how
    3 - Securing an Enterprise Level Ad Server (if you want to do billing off of your numbers - which you do - this will be a 12 month contract and run you about $12- 15k)
    4 - Building your media plan - compiling sites and networks you want to run ads on
    5 - Negotiating the media buy - usually sold on a CPM basis and usually with $5 - 25k minimums
    6 - Set up the campaign/optimizers in your Ad Server
    7 - Send your Ad Tags so they can run your campaign
    8 - Split test until you hit solid numbers

    There are other ways to do media buys now (through the ad exchanges) but you don't have control over your campaign and since there are always discrepancies in impressions, you will never know if your ad was actually shown as many times as they say it was.

    It can be expensive up front but since your advertising cost is fixed, you can control the amount you pay for clicks/conversions by simply being a better marketer and creating better ads/offers.

    And you don't have douchebag rip-off affiliates coming in and sabotaging your campaign and reducing your margins by over bidding. The competition is more or less non-existent since there is so much ad inventory available. Hundreds of Billions of impressions are available each month and it's estimated that 60-80% of that inventory goes unsold.
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