How Can You Get Google Site Links & Multiple Serp Listings

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I came across as site in the search engine that not only had a multiple SERP listing in 2nd and 3rd spot but also had google site links, how are they doing this? Does it all come down to relevancy or are they placing something in their code.

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    Anyone have any idea?
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    Well, a webmaster has less control over this. You can just mention your Sitelinks in Google Webmaster tools and your job is done.

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    That in the screenshot isn't sitelinks. I believe that's just from them being in Google News.

    Mini-site links appear in one line, with usually 3 or 4 items.
    "Bigger" Site Links take up alot more real estate and they're common for branded searches.

    It all happens automatically and is determined by Google based on things like the keyword, visitor location, popularity of your internal page, etc.
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    Okay then thanks guys for trying to clear that up
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    You need

    1. Many pages indexed in your site

    2. You're individual pages, with the most internal links pointing to them, will show as indented (extra) serps.


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      Thanks for that makes sense.
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        You can get by
        1.Submit ur blog URL to google,
        2.Remove broken links, HTML & CSS code errors,
        3.Get good pagerank(generally more than 1)
        4.create static links on ur blog homepage
        5.good navigation structure etc.
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    Google decides about the site links.

    But multiple serp listings are easy to achieve, just use the same anchor txt for multiple pages that are closely related, that way you'll rank even faster then when pointing all links at the same page. Many don't know that.
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