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Hi guys,

I have a website that is currently ranking on the 1st page of Google for at least 3 keywords and was receiving around 10 to 15 uniques a day until 2 weeks ago where both Google Analytics and Statcounter indicate that there have been zero visitors since?

I could understand if my site had been dropped by Google but it hasn't, it is still ranking on the 1st page?

Has anyone got any ideas or possible explanations? :confused:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Paul,

    1. 1st explanation: Are you not receiving any visits at all? Even when you visit your own website? If that's the case; then it may be a problem with the analytic configuration.

    2. View the competitiveness of those keywords you've gotten to page rank 1 on. If your ranked one on a real low competitive keyword (Not alot of queries); it very well may be that no one is typing in those keywords.

    3. The site is fairly new? Do you use social media to advertise the website? These visits may have come from "Message" or "Posts" from your friends / family and not actually from google. Have you verified whether the traffic is coming from "Search Engines" and no "Direct Links" or "Other Sources" IE: Facebook

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,
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    First thing to do is view your site and check the source code to be sure that the tracking is still correctly in place.
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    One thing that popped into my mind was that it may be on the first page for you, but not for others. I've had many instances where the rankings for me were different from what others saw. It likely has to do with location.
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      Try the site in my signature to see what the SERP results say. This will be independent of any caching, google +1, or personal results you may have using your browser to query google directly.

      Check top 300 Google SERP results free. WhatsMySERP.com tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    Do you have an independent way to track your conversions? You can't have them without traffic.
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    Showing 0 visits means there is something wrong with the tracking code. Try to put it in again. At least it should show 1 visit (as you the returning visitor).
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    tracking code has been broken by your updates
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    probably your statcounter code is broken. The another possibility for zero traffic, your website's google first page rank for very poor keyword(s)! What is your keywords?

    web hosting service

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