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hello guys.
I was thinking about buying a website that i would like to grow with my hands and mind.
I was thinking hiring a seo company to help me promotoe the website(I do have money for the beginning).I know some skills of seo but I want the professionals to do their job better than me.
also I was thinking among of all the promoting methods I would like to hire their ppc campaign services.there's no specific seo company.
any thoughts and advices?

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    Does the website have a strong sales funnel? If not, then I probably would not spend money on PPC.

    First thing that you should do if considering spending money on SEO is to go through the site to get very familiar with the content, check the onpage of each page, make note of junk pages and either improve them or get rid of them and then figure out what terms and pages you are going to target initially. Then check to see where your site currently stands for those terms.

    Now you are ready to move forward.
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    Google "Best SEO company" (or something similar) and see who pops up at the top of the rankings.

    They probably know what they're doing
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    thank you guys for the tips.
    anyway mrgreener can contact me privately?
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    Stay away from ppc if you are newbie...you will lose your shirt. Wait for a year till you get some experience.

    Stop Sucking: http://skinnyrichguy.com

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