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Hello and thanks in advance,

I forgot

How do I create a "display" campaign that runs on select sites only? i.e.: I want to create a display (content network) campaign that runs only on site 1 and site 2 and site 3...etc.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you again

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    Go to network sites and just type those sites which you want to display your ads on their sponsored links.
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    You need to elect to run ads on the content
    network, then you need to find if the sites are
    part of the network. When you find the sites,
    you choose to bid on those sites.

    I'm too lazy at the moment to provide links.

    Just do some research in setting up display
    network on adwords. All the questions get
    answered. The display network is a different
    animal than the content network.

    In fact, if those blasted adwords users
    actually took the friggin' time to READ about
    the display network, I'll tell you what! The
    ads we get as adsense users would be
    MUCH BETTER TARGETED!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Sorry about the dumb question. I do not see a way to add sites. The closest thing is this:

      Specific reach: Show ads only on pages that match all my targeting methods

      Is this correct? At what stage / screen will I be able to select sites?

      Thanks !
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    From your campaign, click on the Networks tab. You'll see lower Managed and Automatic placements. Click on Show Details next to the Managed Placements. That will bring up the controls you need. Simply click the Ad Placements button and copy the pages you wish to target in the box. It won't tell you by the way if they are part of the network, it assumes you've done your research and know if they are on the network or not.

    Make sure too that you set the campaign to run on the Content network. It should also be the only network. You should not mix search and content.

    Paul, 100% agree with you. Publishers (Adsense users) could get much better ads is if advertisers took the time to understand and use the system properly. But it's like everything else in life: people want the quick way which is the lazy way. Unfortunately for them, it's also the more expensive way.
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