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Extreme Wiki Poster Just came out with the ability to post to Mac OS wikis.
Personaly I had never heard of them untill I recieved an email from them earlier today. The advantage of thease footprints is that alot of them are do-followw!

Anyways I spent a long time trying to find a few sites so that I could make some footprints. I eventualy found a Mac OS wiki but unfortunatly they have very few footprints.

Unlike most platforms that say "powered by XXXXX" Wordpress for example, Mac OS wikis do not have any footprint like that. Fortunately I scrape websites 24/7 and have spent alot of time creating custom footprints. So I was able to grab several footprints

Here are the footprints I found. (Don't forget to add your keyword)

"The wiki, blog, calendar, and mailing list"
"Log in to my page" "wikis"
inurl:groups "log in to my page"
"updates" "wikis" "blogs" "calendar" "mail"
"Mac OS X Server - Wikis"
"first" "prev" "1-20 of" "next" inurl:groups
"What's Hot" "Recent Changes"
"What's Hot" "Recent Changes" "Upcoming Events"
"What's Hot" "Recent Changes" "Upcoming Events" "Tags"
"What's Hot" "Recent Changes" "Upcoming Events" "Tags" "Edited"
I personaly was able to extract 38 (Good) footprints and Even more (OK) footprints. I only included the Top 10 in this list so you will have to figure out the others for yourself. HINT: try mixing and matching parts of different footprints to get even more footprints.

Don't forget to hit that thanks button

original source : genesis311
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