How many links a day to build (2012) -after some big changes in Google?

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Hi guys,
There are many threads about this topic, I know. Also there are a lot of opinions. Some say it is OK to build a lot of links in a short period of time, and others say no.

The main reason - at least in the past - why people said it's OK was that if it could harm you site then you could harm other sites on purpose as well (negative SEO) and as long as I could see it seemed to be true(it was OK).

But, after recent changes in G, I hear a lot about the possibility of negative SEO and a site having disappeared from SERPs after blasting the site. Links really have to look natural etc. etc.

Then at this point how many links per day (or per week, or any period of time) do you think is considered appropriate by Google? Did recent changes in Google change your thoughts on this?

(I'm not talking about "blasting" the site by thousands of links, I'm talking about more like, say, 100 links in a week is OK or not.)
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    I believe links a day still doesn't change.

    Viral sites can still receive natural backlinks with increasing velocity.

    What is important here is your link source. If it looks manipulated instead of natural then that will surely get Google's attention.
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    Depending on your website, competition, keywords, age, previous links, + many other factors it might be anywhere from 1 per day to 89327478237 per day.

    You have not given us enough info to estimate it for you.
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      Originally Posted by dadamson View Post

      Depending on your website, competition, keywords, age, previous links, + many other factors it might be anywhere from 1 per day to 89327478237 per day.

      You have not given us enough info to estimate it for you.
      Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes I know there are variables like you mentioned. If it is a new site it is likely to be sandboxed and if it is web 2.0 blog then it can take the beating much more etc.

      Actually I didn't ask it for specific site of mine, but now that you mentioned how about a site with/of :mid-competition, relatively new (3-4 months old), 1500/mo exact search volume keyword, previously just used social bookmarks and 20 or so web 2.0 sites dedicated to linking to the site?
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    For brand new websites I average about 50-100 links a day
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    People linking to our site cannot be controlled by us. The number is not a factor, the quality and relevancy of links matters.
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    well, i don't think any thing has changed
    SEO is Like Life, You can Plan it but You can't Control it.
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      Nothing is certain in the SEO.We should keep on working as much as we can do with quality ,because there is so many factors which decide this thing.

      I like to Participate in Communities ........

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    what about 2 years old damn domain ?
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    dear important thing is that you working should be look like natural, if getting back links in a in natural way it would be consider as spam by the google..
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    journalistabid will you please elaborate what do you mean by link building in natural way? with ikuret75 i am also interested to learn some link building tactics to have good traffic in 2012, as my blogs also disappears sometimes from serp. Can you give us any advice or suggestions on how to build the backlinks in natural way, regards.
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      You can build as many links as you want so long as the links are indistinguishable from natural links.

      Perhaps a better questions is: how many unnatural links can you build in a day without consequence? Well that depends upon many things. For example:
      • the age of your site
      • the balance of authority links to suspect links
      • the volume of unnatural links
      • how many natural links are being crawled / indexed per day
      • the source of the unnatural links - a few links from a busted PBN and you're in trouble
      • whether the links are pointing to a new high traffic keyword or an existing keyword with some natural links

      etc etc
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    The age of the site is playing a big role in this, with the latest Google updates you have to put more effort into building natural links and quality ones. I would limit to 10 -20 links a week if your site is new and 20 -50 if is more old.
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    I still goes with my same technique that,, I will prefer to built upto 150 different types of link per week for one URL. Links might be

    Good Articles
    appearance in Relevant forums
    Informative Blogs (Squidoo, wordpress, blogspot etc.)
    etc. etc. etc.

    and prefer to keep calm and be patient
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