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Yesterday I interviewed a guy that has been doing Affiliate Marketing for less than a year and is already pulling in $80,000 from selling 2 sites.

This was done using only SEO and Adsense. Great motivation right here! Read the full story at Affiliate Marketer Who Made $80,000 in February! | Legit SEO
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    How is he an affiliate when he is earning from flipping sites. He is an Internet marketer Nice story, though it loses a lot of credibility due to 'Mr.X' referrence.
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    Any relation to MR. T?
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    $80,000 for February. What about for March?
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    I doubt he'll be able to do that month after month, but its a start. If he has a recipe or business plan for making others like those 2 that pulled in that much, he'll at least make something from the others.

    Guess, it was your title that caught my interest.
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    Link bait...

    --- Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you! Correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you --- '(◣_◢)'

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    It's a cool story and I did enjoy the read.

    Just hard to believe since there isn't much credibility to be seen here >_>
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      Hey guys, sorry for the late response I've been out all day.

      @Steven Good catch, I should have named the title to "internet marketer".

      @yukon No I'm afraid he is not related to Mr. T lol.

      @shab You're right, I'm sure it would be hard to recreate those earnings month after month, but he is using a strategy similar to AdsenseFlippers and they bank anywhere from $10-40k each month. They have a whole team cranking out sites though, it would be hard to be consistent just doing things solo.

      And I agree it would be a lot better if I could match a face to the story, but since my blog is still kinda new and he doesn't want people competing for his niches he chose to remain anonymous, and I don't blame him. Once my blog gets bigger hopefully I can start interviewing Pat Flynn, ShoeMoney, etc that's the plan anyways!

      Thanks for the feedback everybody

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    Nice Article....

    Show us some adsense payment screenshot for Feb month!

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    There are so many of these stories going around about making killings doing this kind of thing. But I guess there are one hundred times as many stories of people who have used thousands of hours and seen almost no return.
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    Hey Legit SEO,

    It is too bad he's not willing to reveal who he is. There's a guy named Cary Bergeron that makes that kind of money with AdSense sites. He makes authority sites that earn quite a bit, sells them on Flippa, etc. He's not quite as out there about what he's doing as we are, but he does run a private membership site and has added a staff, so probably not the same guy.

    You mention that he doesn't want to reveal who he is for fear of others taking his niches. That confuses me, though...how will revealing his name or blog give away his niches? I don't see how revealing a little about himself would put his niches at risk. On the other hand, if he were to start talking about specific niches he's in (i.e. medical equipment industry, STD medication niche, etc.) that WOULD give him away.

    As it's stated, I'm worried that the person who could lose credibility with this is YOU. I'm definitely not accusing you of anything, but I did want to point out that your answer on why he wouldn't reveal who he is didn't make a ton of sense, but it DOES make some sense if I consider the fact you're not revealing the name of the person because he/she is not legitimate.

    Again, I'm not saying this is the case. From the little I've seen on your blog you seem legit/honest...I just wanted to point out a critical look at this. If it crossed my mind it probably crossed the minds of others as well...
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  • So i am wondering about the ability to build niche sites over time, aren't you always running into having to add new content to the sites to stay the top ranked site? For example, if you buy lets say 100 niche adsense sites that means to keep them ranking you need to create fresh content every month, that can become a real pain.

    Outsourcing the content that needs to be built can be dicey as well. To me the most lucrative option seems to build sites that are earning 10-50 per month and sell them off like adsense flippers does and have someone else take on the burden of upkeep. They will not stay at #1 forever without content, backlinking, etc.

    This is hard to outsource and get done well if you are only making a few bucks a month on the sites.

    I have some sites that make 300+ monthly from adsense alone so it is completely possible, but granted the sites are not EMD's that have 1-5k searches either...lol

    Generating Revenue since 2000, what are you waiting on?

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