Adsense 0.40% CTR... What Am I Doing Wrong?

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I started a website a couple of months ago and started to put adsense on it a couple of weeks ago. Right now I'm at 0.40% CTR. which as I understand is really bad.
Any tips on what I can do to improve? Or any other money making ideas? Maybe adsense just isn't for me.
My website is the thezenapproach(dot)com Thanks
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    IMO - remove the 468x60's and replace with a 300 or 336 sized block. Then move it within the content area, but not next to any image.

    Two 300's, 250's or 336 size blocks next to each other at the bottom of the page work too, if you don't wanna put within the content.

    The 468's don't have good CTR and are best used for header areas.

    Put a Link Unit in the Top Sidebar or under the header categories.

    Take the sidebar ad you have and replace with a 160x600.
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    How much traffic have you had in the past month?
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    There are two factors that can limit your CTR such as:

    Amount of traffic
    Web site design
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      Originally Posted by johnben1444 View Post

      There are two factors that can limit your CTR such as:

      Amount of traffic
      Web site design
      Also the source of your traffic. You have a very general/unfocused website. You said the site is not old. Where's the traffic coming from? Are they finding the individual articles from a google search? If they were, I'd expect a much higher CTR

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    Thanks I'll try that. According to awstats I've had 3067 UV and 6839 Visits in March.
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    Yeah, I think Ad Placement is your biggest problem here.

    A new PPC Ad Network

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    I would say ad placements as well as ad types. I am used to seeing adsense sites convert around 10% or so. With your traffic and some minor modifications, you might be doing pretty well. You may want to ad a Google search bar as well. That can increase clicks. I would eliminate the tags in the right side bar. Get your ad units above the fold. I would mostly focus on text ads to start.
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    You are Using genesis theme and your ads placement is not good. The site look good but try a few more skins of genesis that will give more ads exposure above fold. I am not saying about much ads above folds but there must a few ads above the fold with content. Genesis has got a very good support community you can ask there for best skin for adsense.

    Here are few options for ad layout if you can customize your Genesis :

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    Here I found this interesting article about improving CTR...

    Hope this helps!

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    Recently i changed my theme and that alone gave me 1-2% higher CTR%. And i'm sure that many wordpress themes out there (if you don't choose carefully) they're just born against adsense earning success. Yes also the ads placement which you have to experiment case by case for each theme. But i have seen many high earning adsense sites , and i have to say that there are no secrets, but it's not just the landing page optimization. Choosing the right winnable high advertiser keyword can safe you a lot of energy.
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    The right keyword (high paying cpc) can only increase cpc but not ctr. It is all about testing, but the niche of the site is also matters. In my case I can not increase CTR above 1 % no matter how hard I try. I tried all so called Adsense WP themes, but no success.
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