What do you Do if Hit by Private Blog Network?

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So got the letter from Google. Do you continue to build links or abandon the site all together??

Let me know. What is everyone else doing?
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    Writing content that people want to link to.

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    You don't abandon the site altogether. That would just be foolish.

    You just have to shift into a more white hat and low profile link building strategy. It sucks and it's more expensive but that's the game.

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    You either
    -reply to the notice and get the action revoked or,
    -move the content to new domain (WITHOUT a 301) and start over or,
    -wait 3 - 12 months for the penalty to expire.
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      Originally Posted by retsek View Post

      You either
      -reply to the notice and get the action revoked or,
      -move the content to new domain (WITHOUT a 301) and start over or,
      -wait 3 - 12 months for the penalty to expire.
      These are your 3 options.

      Several of my sites where hit and it looks like a penalty that slowly expires. After 2 months some of my keywords are on page 2 whereas when i received the love letter I lost all page one rankings and was nowhere in the serps. Whether i can regain position 1 rankings again having received the penalty is a question I can't answer yet.

      I think it may be worth trying to save the site(s) but knowing that they received a penalty notice they will always be damaged in my opinion.
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    You try to fix it, if that doesn't work wait for the penalty to expire.

    The average penalty is six months
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  • Keep building and connecting with other site owners. We all want Google traffic, but traffic from highly-visited relevant sites, blogs, etc. can bring you just as many referral visitors.

    Might also consider some non-AdWords PPC or display traffic...if you have the means.
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    I agree with CourageIncorporated, keep building and reach out to other site owners. Continue building good, quality links and build good valuable content. You can use PPC until the penalty expires.
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    When I get hit by a private blog network I go cry about it on a forum
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    You build links, but from different sources. Bring in more diversity. Use more than 1 blog network.
    Penalty Safe, Long Term, 100% Whitehat Backlinks
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    karan996@irchiver.com karan997@irchiver.com
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    Keep at it, build diversity, whatever you do don't stop building links and don't remove any links. Just try to maintain a lower profiler and use more white hat tactics as mentioned above.
    If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're going.
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    My site bitdoze.com has just been hit of such a thing. After the last Google Panda update I have received a notice of unnatural link usage on my Webmaster account because I was using blog networks to promote some posts.

    Until now only the promoted sites started to go down. I am not planning to drop my site just because of this because I have putted a lot of work into it. I will continue to build links and strong articles to my site.
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    Put up some good quality articles. I didn't get the Google letter, but I did use BMR. I don't use Google WBTs on my sites, so I'm not sure if I would have gotten the letter if I did.

    I added about 10 good quality articles and my traffic went up by 4x. I've already had almost as many unique visitors for April than I had for the whole month of March.

    I didn't want to abandon this site, so I decided to go straight and give it tons of good content instead of backlinks.
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