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The real goal of SEO is not to achieve a certain ranking or position in the search results. Good SEO provides more traffic to your website. This traffic will be related to the particular search terms that you have optimized your site for. If you do a good job, then the traffic which gets delivered to your website will specifically be the traffic that is interested in what you have to offer. The real goal of SEO is therefore to deliver targeted traffic to your website who will be ultra-responsive to what you have to offer.

If you're conducting SEO for a business then the ultimate goal is for that business to make money. They do that by selling products or services for less than it costs to provide them, including costs spent on advertising and SEO.

I know that I can get caught up in the fun of trying to help sites rank higher in Google as opposed to the real goal.

Just my $0.02,
- lee -
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    You're exactly right- if you spend all of this time building up a site that doesn't even convert, it's meaningless.

    That's why I think SEO is nice, but you gotta have other traffic sources too. Make sure it converts before you spend tons of time getting it to #1
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      Yep, doing PPC is also a good way to measure how well your site converts although PPC clickers are a bit more of the buyer type you still get a good indication.
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    You're so right - the real goal of SEO is targeted traffic! Traffic that can help you to earn money! Be 1st in Google doesn't mean be rich. That's why keywords and good content are the main parts of SEO campaign. If you can't sort out you real target audience SEO won't help you because you don't understand to whom you sell your products.
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    Goal of seo is to generate right kind of visitors for your business with higher conversion rate. Traffic is generated from your region and niche.
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    The good thing about search engines is they provide free traffic. Once you get high in the rankings you don't have to do a lot of day to day work to get this traffic.
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    You are absolutely right that the goal of SEO is to deliver relevant traffic to the website. If you sell toothbrushes, delivering people who want shoe polish to your site simply because it's something you can rank for makes no sense. Those people will take one look and leave your site.

    Smart SEO looks at the whole picture.
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    SEO is the American dream
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