Very High Competition and Trafficked Keyword, Is it Possible? Screenshot Included

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Hey Warriors!!

I currently am two month's into my first money site and things are going excellent I am learning all types of on site and offsite SEO tricks. What I want to do is when this money site reaches number one I expect earnings to be between $600 - $1,300/month (i know broad range but that is basically the minimum to maximum).

I want to use the above earnings as seed money to hire a VA and purchase the necessary tools to rank for a extremely competitive keyword. The screenshot from market samurai below is a keyword that get's roughly 600,000 monthly searches just itself. That does not include any medium to long tail keywords that would easily bring the searches to around 800,000.

So being able to have a full time VA and spend around 400-600/month on SEO tools and packages. Do you guy's think it's possible to rank number one for this?

i.imgur com/u3iFl.jpg

(apparently i can't post images ... )

Thank you all for your time!
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