What type of backlinks does it take to get position one or 2 if your site is already on page 1?

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Hi warriors. I am writing this post because I am confused about something that probably has been asked here before but just wanted to ask it anyways.

I have purchased a few backlink packages for 2 of my sites from the warriors for hire section.

One of my site never had any type of backlinks at all. Is a new site. I purchased a 12 dollar trial package which included
10 PR1 + 5 PR2 + 3 PR3 + 2 PR4
This package got my site to page 1 position 6.
As a result a have gotten a few adsense clicks. I want to move my site even higher but I don't know what backlinks to choose, and from whom to buy it from. I heard that the latest google panda is 3.4

I have no clue what this new panda version means so I just don't want to get any type of backlinks.

Now for my other site. This other site was also brand new and it was on position 3 for like 3 months. Then I purchased a backlink package from another reputable warrior, and it jump to position 2. but it only stay there for 3 days. Now my site seems to be jumping all over the place. One day it was on page 20, the other day page 2, then page 8 and today is on page 3. Is very unstable. He told me I should update my content on my site. So now I am thinking that the backlinks I purchased from him are not working. Now I am going to have to pay someone to log into my wp admin and change my content. If anyone can do this for me, please let me know and I will pay you. The content must be 100% unique and target my main keyword.

Ok so now should I just keep waiting a few more days or 1 or 2 weeks and see if my site settles. If my site ends up worst than what it was at the beginning which was on position 3 with no backlinks at all, should I ask for a refund and hire someone else?

I am so confused and need guidance on how to rank my site. I don't mind paying, I just want someone that can analize my competition and come up with a plan to beat them. Everytime I ask this question, I get the same answer from everyone that sells backlink packages: "I don't do seo competiton analysis."

I don't want to be just another person who buys backlinks blindly and just cross my fingers and wait for the best. I need someone who knows how to get me a top 1-2 position. All I see in here is page 1 guarantees but we all know that being on page 1 doesn't mean you'll get a lot of traffic. You need to be on the top 2 or 3 at most.

Please help me. I have a whole bunch of site that need backlinks and seo work. I want to try with 2 of my sites and see if someone can get me up there. If they can I will come to you to work on my other sites for seo work.

Thank you and sorry for sounding like a rookie, but I am, lol.

Gotta go. I am at work right now.

I'll back back in a few...
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    Get diverse.

    Get a professional Press Release Syndication and hope for the best <--- #1

    Get more High PR Backlinks! This will only push you closer to the top

    Get some beefy Web 2.0s

    There's so much you can do
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    If you have been able to move your site to page 1 then continue with the same strategy that took you there. That means your strategy is working, however, if you top site are aged domain with lots of quality links, you will need to find good links to outrank them.
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    The competition ahead of you has determined what it will take for you to beat them. In other words, you have to outdo their efforts that come them their top rankings. Besides building links, increase the number of pages on your site. Make sure you are building internal links as well. Quality links will get you their faster.
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      Press Release Syndication backlinks? What is this?

      I heard true edu backlinks were the best and most powerful backlinks before.

      But now I hearing about Press Release Syndication backlinks, wiki links, contextual links...

      Which is the best one or should I have a few backlinks of each?

      I don't get it.

      Affiliate Links are not allowed!

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