Why Was I Rejected By Google

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I don't even know why my blog rejected by google.
actuallu i have a good blog.
advise please...
especialy how to appy to Mr. Google without kicking.
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    Affiliate networks can usually set much lower requirements i.e Affiliate Future.

    If you have been turned down, maybe you could try again in a few months. They usually expect 10 or so articles following TOS before accepting new blogs.
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    yap, pls be more specific with your question. So far, all my new sites are indexed by Google within 48 hours. Not a problem really. There're many ways to do it. But, the most basic is to go to Google and submit your URL to them. It'll be better if you can submit a sitemap of your site.
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    Can you please elaborate you question. If you applied for Google Adsense with blogpost then chances are they may not approve it. If your question was something else then please post it clearly.
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    Not sure exactly what you mean by rejected by Google, can you explain more in detail?
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