THe New Backlinking Blueprint Model - Updated To Beat The Lastest Update

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What has been working and working extremely well is no longer working.

Here is a backlinking blueprint to help you generate traffic and take back the top positions in the serp results:

1. Few larger sites are better than many smaller sites now.
- 5 websites with 50 pages each is the same as 50 websites with 5 pages each, however the big G seems to be giving better preference to larger sites compared to smaller.
2. Update often with fresh content.
- You should at least be updating your site with a new post once every two weeks.
3. Linking out is the new in.
- In the past webmasters tried holding onto pagerank by not linking out. Now sites being link friendly and linking to relevant content are being positively rewarded by search engine results.
4. Vary your backlinking and vary your backlinking anchor text.
- A mix of backlinks is now important: contextual one way backlinks (guest posts included), blog commenting, directory links - these are the big three. Followed by article marketing, profile links, forum links and reciprocal links (not through a site directory however).
- If you are using anchor text of your main keywords without variations (especially if you have an EMD) you are going to be penalized. Backlinking needs to look more natural than ever.
-back to basics (terms for those just learning): Methods of website linking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5. Be everywhere - Social traffic and your web presence.
- Facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, and etc, etc.
This is the current traffic blueprint; no longer does easy work but now consistant work done correctly will have long lasting positive results.
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