115,019 registered users, best way to monetize OTHER THAN adsense?

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My site is a social bookmarking site, consisting mostly of india traffic (SEO guys over there adding users and sites to the database). I have a total of 115,019 registered users, but I'm wondering if there is any value with them at all?

I have adsense on the site, and even though I get 300-400 visits per day, I make pennies per day ( which I'm assuming is because of the type of traffic it is... SEO guys in india, who don't really click ads).

I'm at a loss here as to the best way to monetize it. The site is Pligg-based, and I have all the registered users in the database, but I have no way to message them, and no way to download them to put them into an autoresponder like aweber.

My questions are this:

1. Is there anyone out there with similar pligg-based sites that can offer any insight into how to capture the users better into a database I could communicate better with?

2. Is there any other way to monetize this site that would appeal to the type of traffic I'm receiving. I am getting some US traffic, but it's mostly offshore, overseas traffic from the seo guys.

Monetization, and list-building are the two things I see potential with for this site, just not sure exactly how to do it, since it's not your typical type of website. Any insight would be appreciated!
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    Lol. I knew this post would draw crickets.

    College dropout turned community builder. In 2 years, I've built a community of over 250k raving fans and monetized them for thousands of dollars. Want me to help you do that too? Hit me up. www.WorkingWithBlevins.com

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      Hi Aaron,

      you can offer a free SEO ebook in order to capture their emails using an Autoresponder all over again!

      Doesn't Pligg have any autoresponder or newsletter plugin ?

      .....for that type of traffic that you're receiving, you could monetize with clickbank ads or offer your own SEO services !
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    In addition to Sonic's recommendations... you could even just sell advertising on the site, I saw a niche social bookmarking site on buysellads.com that seemed to do quite well.

    On a few of my sites I use a plugin called OIO publisher, but it comes as a standalone script too, you could contact the developer and see if it's possible to use this with pligg because it will allow you to run affiliate ads alongside ad space that you've sold.

    There might be an easier way of doing it with pligg but I've not tried using it yet.
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    Website link
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    For that amount of traffic I recommend trying out BuySellAds.com or maybe Amazon products. You can also try your luck at CPA offers though you need to get accepted into a network and those can require a bit more effort.
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    i need no value in your database as most of it are automated bots signing up. I've made many bots myself and probably have your site in my database.
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      Originally Posted by shab View Post

      i need no value in your database as most of it are automated bots signing up. I've made many bots myself and probably have your site in my database.
      The traffic is pretty much worthless as it's all automated as shab says.
      Have you put google analytics on it? Do you get any natural search from it?
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    I would support other guys suggesting selling ad space on your site but make shore those ads do not look like Adsense ads otherwise you risk to be banned from Adsense .
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    My friends I have a Pligg website exactly like the one that aaronblevins
    I have lot less visit say around 200 a day but they are BOTS that put stories there but NOONE phisucally joins the site so adsense works bad and every other advertising works bad because noone human clicks on the advertising.I also have a plug in that costed to me 67 dollars and says You are not not allowed to post sotries here you must subsribe example 1.99 dollars a month or one time it doesn matter...is connected with Pay pal and is very cool,,,you know how much money i made with that pug in? ZERO dollars. You cannot do anything to the website because you have no posts with keywords etc etc so seo is impossible.
    If i take off the plug in that say that you have to pay this 1,99 to submit stories..i open the door back to this orde of bots that put on Pursues Luis Vitton and also Boots stories...so i dont know what to do,... oh i have 15 thousand subcribers most of them are yhtnnfhy@hotmail.com so basically im stuck..the traffic you have in this kind of sites is UNUSEFULL because is not REAL PEOPLE..that buys anything ...also if you have 100 thousand bots joining your websites everyday you dont make ONE i say ONE cen i dont know what to do either!
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    I have a pligg site with 1200 avg visitor/day and my adsense earnings are pennies.. I investigated and found that most of the traffic to the site is from auto-pligger software..

    The best way to monetize pligg site is to make sure site gets human traffic for few months and set re-direct after few months to another site of yours/product selling site or any other ...

    I tried so much and finally came to conclusion that pligg cannot help you earn money thru site.
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    Why don't you think about affiliate marketing?
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