Would you go for this keyword? Low competition but high CPC

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I found a two word keyphrase with no EMD on the first page, though the .com, .net and .org domains are taken already. I can just add stop words easily to combat this...

It has 8,000 monthly searches but low advertisers as shown in google adwords keyword tool, however the CPC is 6.21...

My dilemma lies in the fact that there are not much long tail keywords associated with it...once you define the term, it's all done...also there are no physical or digital products that you can sell with this keyword..

do you think there is a future in this kind of keyword...
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    I assume that search engine is Google.What is your EPC for your offer? If it is like $10 than you could spend 6.21 for one click to be profitable.
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    Yes its the result from google keyword tool...I only use adsense, amazon or clickbank for monetization....my problem with this keyword is there isn't really a lot of topic to write abou t it.
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    Check the level of competition & the quality of the sites on page 1 of Google. It doesn't matter how high the CPC is if you can't get your site to page 1 of the SERPs and drive some good traffic. Check the PRs, # of backlinks, and general quality of the top 10 sites on google for your kw. If you're pretty confident you can beat them, then go for it. 8,000 searches per month should be enough get some decent adsense dough, dude. Let us know how it goes for you.
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    Oh, don't forget to SEO the heck out of your page as well as build backlinks from a good variety of sources (i.e. press release, video, document share sites, blog commenting, social bookmarks, article, wikis, .edu & .govs, etc....)
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    So this is for AdSense only?

    Make sure that the ads being returned are going to be relevant enough to earn clicks.

    Long tails give you room for error and are a good way to build up traffic while still going for the main, often tougher, keyword. I'd only take it further if the ads are going to attract clicks. (Find a competitor and see what ads are appearing on their page).
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