what is use of blog commenting in seo ?

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i have a so many blog/site & i have to gain traffic or back-links to the blog commenting so tell me how to use blog commenting ?
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    Blog commenting is a good way to diversify your incoming links profile. However it can have limited success if done wrong. First install SEO Quake, and enable line throughing nofollow links (no point in building a link if it is no follow which a high perfect of blogs are). Secondly add something to the conversation comments like "Get WOW Gold Here", "Great post.", and such add no value and do more harm than good in the long run as Google already penalized comment spammers (I believe Matt Cutts at one point asked for samples so...). And lastly don't go overboard this is just one tactic so don't build excessive links at once because with run of sites comments on a fair number of blogs it can give you ridiculous link acquisition. I once posted on a .gov blog and had a run of site for 3 months, that was the last thing I wanted as I only wanted one .gov link.
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    To add to the good advice drmadcow gave you here a few other tips

    Try to find blogs that are relevant to yours. Relevant links have much greater seo value than non relevant links. Secondly if you spend some time on the other persons blog you may find a syndication partner

    Throw some links at your blog comment links,this can be completely automated and throw a little more juice around.

    Look for blogs that use "top commenter" plugins. This addon may give you a home page link which is usually the only page on the blog that has any real juice flowing through it
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    Blog comments work well as support (tier 2 or 3) links. Quality links are awesome but the backlinks that don't point directly to your site don't have to be the highest quality. But DO NOT point low quality blog comments directly to your website. Especially if your site is fairly new and you haven't had the opportunity to establish your sites authority.
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    When commenting on blogs make sure it's relevant to the blog you're commenting on. Also make sure your link is relevant to the traffic. It's safe to assume now that adding commenting to every blog in the world is no longer viable option unless you're speaking to the people reading. Hope this helps.
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    It can help you to get traffic to your site, and also counts as a backlink.

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    Blog commenting will help you a lot if you are choosing a relevant site. While commenting put your links there. If anybody likes your comment will enter into your site. And more visitor means more traffic this will increase your sales & business.
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    Blog commenting is technique of link building which is give backlink on our website. You have to choose the dofollow blog because that blog backlinks is very important for our website ranking. Always choose the blog related to your website that can generate relevancy on search engine.
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    Related blogs and genuine comments can help. But has to be done properly and stay away from automatic commenting.
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    great tips thanks everyone
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    If you want to gain back links using blog commenting then use proper key phrase as blog commenter and also use relevance landing page as home page while commenting. That's it. If your comment will be live then your key phrase will be up in Google. Wish You Good Luck!
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    Comments in do-follow blogs are helpful for getting back links to our site.
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    Blog commenting isn't exactly for link building. It's more of a relationship building method. Through relationship building, you'll be able to make sure that your links will stick given that they add value to the post and/or the conversations on the said blog.
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    Blog Commenting is best way to increase traffic as well as backlinks of website. You can make comments on Blog Sites, make sure to comment on High Traffic Blogs only.
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    If you are building back links via blog commenting then you have to take care of quality, relevancy, spam, do follow, IP etc. If you are getting link form link farm then the chances of your website getting penalized is high and once your website is penalized dude to these spam links then you ave to send mail to each blog owner and request them to remove your link and that will be a different task for you, so it's better to create natural links for your website.
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    Blog Commenting builds links for you and gives you traffic aswell.
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    Blog commenting in SEO has very important role. If you get links from .edu and .gov websites by blog commenting, then your website will surely rank on the top of search engines.
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      Blog commenting is useful for increasing the traffics for your website. Dofollow blogs are very useful for the getting backlinks for your website. It is helpful for increasing the page rank for your website.

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    Exactly as mentioned above - a boost in traffic (since people view your comments on other blogs), general search engine credibility through backlinks and also PR improvement - these are the most widely known benefits of blog commenting.
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    thank you all of you to giving me this information.....
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    Blog Commenting used to be a real quick and easy way to get links, but the spammers got wind of this and blog owners became much more savvy, now you must have something relevant to say to the topic, which is common sense and it should add to the topic.
    If you can follow those two simple rules, then you ca obtain some fairly quality links...it's also a good way to let people know that you're an expert in your field, thus increasing your brand awareness.
    It's tedious work, but worth it if it's done properly.
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    i often use blog comments as the links are powerful especially from a relevant blog

    i also often use fuverr gigs to post commnets for me, not the spammy type on any blog but certain gigs only post comments on relevant blogs to your niche

    these are lot more powerful

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