How to gain less percentage of bounce rate?

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Hi. If you're ranking high in Google like reaching top page 5 in every keywords you've promoted, and you still gain higher bounce rate in Google Analytics, what do you think is the caused? Higher bounce rate leads to lower conversion is the main issue. What do you think guys on how visitors will spend more time on your website? Do you take time to check about it?

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    You could be ranking for some keywords that aren't very targeted or relevant for your site, your site loads too slow, the sites content is weak, or many other factors.
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      first try to make website user friendly as well as your targeted keywords are not relevant from your service or website load time is high that's why visitor leaving website without any contact.
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    Getting rankings and traffic is not enough to create conversions. You need to make sure that your site and the landing pages are good and "sticky" enough to instantly engage the user and direct them in the right direction.

    It is right to say that you might be getting traffic that isn't relavent but the time on site also plays a part in deciding weather it is design or relavency.

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    'funeral' you have raised some good points i will try to fix it then analyse the results, thanks
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    Well targeted keywords / engaging content, easier said than done.
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