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Hello everyone,

I would like to learn the best way to do off page SEO for micro niche sites. What backlinks are needed, how many and when. How many articles, where to submit them....

I have only limited knowledge on this matter and could find it anywhere. Maybe point me in right direction for course of some kind etc...

Thanks for your time it is much appreciated.

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    first its depend on your keywords competition, select keywords with low competition but high volume monthly searches. then start link building the best way is article marketing, write quality content and then submit it on many article sharing sites with your anchor text and links. you can do this process manually or via some automation tools like Article Marketing Robot etc..
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    Assuming you've done your keyword research and the site is done, the easiest yet still effective strategy would be to get some really strong back links for the home page. I'm talking about home page links from private blogs, articles on high page rank pages, even blog comments from high pr pages with low outbound links. Then article marketing and web 2.0 links for inner pages. Maximize link juice. Rank for your main keyword while still promoting your long tails.

    With that said, decent content is the way to go for your article marketing and web 2.0 links. You want them to get indexed and stay that way. Either find an article marketing tool that you like using or pay somebody else to do it. Either way, do this and do it often.
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    Article marketing, web 2.0. Forum links (from sig lines) . Profile links (pointing to a 2nd tier page not to money page preferably).

    There are way to many but also if you don't want to handle the off page look into hiring someone who enjoys doing all that stuff.

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      Create back links from niche websites like niche web directories, bookmarking sites, niche article directories, participate in niche forums and create blogs for that website.

      Get Facebook Marketing services from readyBUZZ which deals in social media strategies.

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        I think if you are creating lots of micro niche sites you really need to think about how you can automate as much as the promotion as possible. That way you can get lots of sites up nice and fast.

        You'll find a few different ideas on how to this in the WSO forum.
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