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Hey Warriors,

I am interested in trying to use a small adwords campaign to drive traffic to my site that promotes a clickbank product. I have read many threads recently about people's adwords account supposedly getting banned due to the promotion of a clickbank product.

As an Adwords noobie I'm wondering if anyone can offer tips or advice before I give this a go.

- Thanks
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    The surest way to be sure is to read the Adwords terms of service (the rules) for what they do and do not allow.

    One thing to consider is that paying for traffic to your page with hopes of getting affiliate sales can be dangerous as you can't control the entire sales process. You might be able to make it work with the right offer and setting up a lead capture on your page so that at least you can continue marketing to those leads and hopefully salvage some sales.

    Another area that could be easier to get into and get profitable are CPA offers because instead of sending the click to your page and then hoping that they click on the affiliate offer and then buy the affiliate offer (3 steps at least), you can setup your lead capture page and when they fill that out, you get paid! (1 step).

    Good luck
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    Adwords doesn't like small websites designed to lead their users to an affiliate link. It could work if you built up an authority website. Sometimes people are able to slip their website pass the reviewers for a moment, but eventually thin affiliate sites get kicked from their system.
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