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Hi guys

I am new to this whole internet marketing game, but never the less after purchasing a few informational products like Google Sniper...i have went ahead and tried to develop a site loosely based on the Google Sniper strategies... but i can't help but feel Google sniper is out dated now especially with Google themselves changing the way sites are ranked (i would appreciate feedback on weather Google Sniper is still valid)

I guess what i am really looking for here is confirmation that i am on the right track as i don't feel i completely understand the keyword research and on page SEO.

If you wouldn't mind checking my site out at hxxp://w w to learn on piano .com and any criticism or pointers you could offer me would be greatly appreciated!

thank you for your time


P.S sorry about the link warrior forums said no way! lol
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    WOW no reply, have i done something wrong? it would be really awesome if you guys could take a moment check my site out and give me any opinions you may have as i could really use your extensive experience to either give me confirmation that i am on the right track or tell me straight if i am doing this all wrong

    i am just at that point where i feel so overwhelmed with this pretty extensive learning curve i am sure you have been there at one time or another

    i will understand if you do not want to help me either way just say it like it is

    thanks for your time once again

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    on page seo is very simple but to much to explain, I suggest you read some articles online to explain it, there is a lot of great info online for free
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    +1 with KlaAz0r, you will read different post about S.E.O.

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    you better use Market Samurai or google keyword tool for keyword research,
    i would recommend market samurai is better.
    You will need to know how many searches are carried per your targeted keyword per month , analyze the keyword etc

    now how to use market samurai or google keyword,,, you can watch very useful videos on youtube , it will give you lot of knowledge on how to use these tools.

    on page seo is how you optimise your site for search engines which includes your page title, description, meta tags, keywords used, any images used, links used from one page to another etc.

    in this forum, you will find lots or articles, or you can google them as well because it needs thorough study to understand it well.

    Good Luck with your project.
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      ah thanks guys i appreciate you advise and i will act upon it by trying to read more about keyword research i feel i understand it some what but my understanding only goes so far especially when trying to distinguish what is good or bad keyword...

      on another note would it be possible for one of you guy to look at my site and give me your opinion on it and maybe some pointers.

      i also notice my site is not ranked as of yet is there a time frame for this to happen? or is it just at Google bots pleasure?

      i have been working on back-links for the last few days either by article submissions to the like of ezinearticles, go articles etc.. pretty much anywhere i can think of my only concern with this is i don't want to go too crazy in case of Google repercussions?

      i also plan too purchase a few back-links from here and maybe a complete website or two from here and then back link from there and also explore possibilities of monetizing the sites i purchase

      so much to do and think about i am just trying to stay focused on this one thing until i can see it work then progress from there

      so like i said any pointers you guys could give at this point would be greatly welcomed

      hope to hear from you soon

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        oh forgot to mention to @datingworld i use Google keyword tool but your recommendation of Market Samurai sounds good i will be sure to check into that ASAP

        thanks again

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          Originally Posted by statesidela View Post

          oh forgot to mention to @datingworld i use Google keyword tool but your recommendation of Market Samurai sounds good i will be sure to check into that ASAP

          thanks again

          Note that Market Samurai grabs data from the Google Keyword Tool and various other data from other databases. Market Samurai just puts it in more readable format.
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            @stevenjones thanks man i will keep that in mind a more readable format sounds good to a dumbass like me lol

            take care


            P.S. I am really looking for some confirmation that i am on the right track with my site can somebody spare a moment to review my existing work so far all criticisms are welcome!

            thanks again
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    Some of your pages with affiliate links (ex. The top 5 piano learning products), you should really put a clear call to action at the end of each product description. Your only link to the external page is the title, which not everyone will know is the link to the product's website.

    Something like, "Click here to visit Rocket Piano" for example.

    Also, not a big detail, but a small image beside each product description would probably improve the click through rate and the visual experience of the visitor.
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      @lovboa ah thank you so much i hear what you are saying and i will implement your valued pointers ASAP one again thank you so much!!! i appreciate you!

      take care for now

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