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I recently started looking into the world of internet marketing and after reading lots and lots of info, I'd like to try making some money with Adsense/PPC & Affiliate programs.

While looking for information, I came across this forum and it looks like an excellent resource! What I can't seem to find is the very basics of how to do keyword research. I'd like to learn how it's done without using purchased software so I can really understand all the steps - I also have no funds to start off yet.

Would someone explain the keyword research process from the very beginning? (Or point me toward a thread that does?) For example, do you just pick a word out of thin air to start with, or what? :confused:

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    Welcome to the forum!

    As far as keyword research- the Search button will be a great place to start.

    There's also a ton of information you can find if you Google something like "how to do keyword research"

    Hope this helps!
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    There are different guidelines that people use and several people use keyword tools, you do not need to understand how they work in order to use them.

    The Google Adwords tool is free for anyone to use- just type in "google adwords tool" to find it.

    You do want a keyword that people are searching for...you could pick a keyword, "out of the air" if you want and type it into the search box and see how many people are searching for that term and it will also give you a list of other keywords and how many searches those terms are getting.

    You can choose to see your results in "Exact" match, "phrase" match or "broad" match.
    Broad match is a VERY general term such as "Cars" for example. A phrase includes the words of your keyword but may not be in that particular order.

    For example if your keyword phrase was "Purple BMW Cars" the results could be for BMW Cars Purple".

    Using the above example for the keyword, Purple BMW Cars, the Exact Match would be, "Purple BMW Cars"

    I hope that helps you a bit! There are lots of great people on this forum who offer a wealth of knowledge.

    WELCOME to the internet marketing world!
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      Adwords is the only tool you actually need.

      My advice for new people:

      Don't buy anything. No tools, no WSOs, no get rich quick guides. Everything you need is right here for free.

      You need to narrow your focus to mastering one thing. Just build niche sites or affiliate sites or do PPC or build and promote a product.

      Don't move on to new things until you are profitable with that one thing.

      IM is hard and takes LOTS OF WORK. Much harder than showing up at a 9-5 every day.
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    The Google Adwords tool is a must. I've also used the free version of Traffic Travis in conjuction with Adwords tool. Good luck.
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    focus on your niche,if you have no idea about that than start pick any topic about relationship and love,that topic would helps you in affiliated marketing.
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    • Welcome to the Matrix. It's time to choose between the blue pill and the red pill. The latter will clear your mind and make you realize which method of earning income online you actually want. The former will provide you with a higher level of consciousness, enough to make you learn how to know what people are searching for on the Internet and what they will most likely purchase online...
      So the red pill it is. Earning income from Adsense CPC is what you want. Let's see...
      You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I'll let you know what you need to use it in a while. First would be to answer the how:
      1. Go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Enter in the provided text box keywords relevant to products and services and solutions related to your chosen niche or industry. I'll tell you how to choose a niche or industry and which keywords should you enter later in this post.
      2. Check "Exact" and uncheck "Broad" and "Phrase".
      3. Select target location from dropdown. Choose category and sub category most suitable for your chosen niche or industry from another dropdown.
      4. In another dropdown, choose which platform is mostly used by people interested in content, products, services and solutions related to your chosen niche or industry, when they search for those things in Google.
      5. Include Competition, Local Monthly Searches, Global Monthly Searches and Approximate CPC Rates. Click "Search". Download CSV. Have a break. Some whiskey will be nice.
      That's how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Below are the things you need to know so you can effectively use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You'll soon realize that you should've taken the blue pill all along...
      Since you chose Adsense CPC as your method of earning income online: You need to target a large group of people that do almost nothing each day but to click ads in any page on any site on the Internet that they land on. Now, you need to know how they land on those sites. There are many possibilities, such as:
      • Others force them to visit a website at gunpoint or with other things that can make them violently die slowly; or
      • Others convince them to visit a site with beer and kind words; or
      • They regularly see videos or articles or anything that can be shared online on a website, through a post shared by their friends who have nothing else to do but to share things they see online in Facebook or Twitter or any online social network; or
      • Google serves their purpose of pointing the greatest and coolest and most awesome pages of sites on the Internet that offer content about what those people are searching for...
      Google actually knows what those ad clicking people are searching for on the Internet, so Google lets advertisers know these things, so those ad clicking fanatics can land on a page of a site on the Internet and click ads all day, every day. Google also knows which niches and keywords are targeted by advertisers that have been advertising with them and for how long and how much they have spent. An advertiser who has been advertising the same site for say 5 years and has been paying Google $10 per ad click on average during those 5 years just might possibly mean four things:
      • This person or group or organization has so much money to spend that they decided to give Google money so Google can continue to improve their free services to mankind; or
      • Nobody clicks their ads anyway, so they don't spend anything at all; or
      • The purpose of that ad is to increase the perceived value of the target keywords in the eyes of their competitors, so they can focus on lower priced ads targeting better converting keywords in their niches; or
      • That ad has been giving them traffic that converts to sales more than enough to cover the advertising cost of the ad...

      This means: You need to know which niches or industries have related products and services and solutions that are being searched and purchased by large groups of regular Internet users. Then, you need to know how many advertisers are targeting which related keywords for their CPC ads and how much they are spending on those CPC ads and for how long they have been targeting those keywords and how much on average have they spent from the time they started targeting those keywords. So, since you want to earn income online through Google Adsense CPC ads:

      • Target a niche or industry where a lot of frequent Internet users search for related products, services and solutions on the Internet that they can purchase to solve their related problems and satisfy their relevant needs;
      • Target 50 or more exact match keywords with 100 or more local monthly searches and 300 or more global monthly searches. In most niches or industries, local and global monthly search volume is directly proportional to the competitiveness of an exact match keyword. This way: You're collectively targeting exact match keywords with low competition and 5000 or more local monthly searches and 15000 or more global monthly searches, combined;
      • Provide related content on your site about your target exact match keywords, and include exact match keywords with high approximate CPC rates in those content pages, so Google can publish CPC ads with high CPC rates on your pages;
      • Configure CPC ad placement on your pages and continue to improve the CPC ad placement on your pages by monitoring your traffic and CTRs...

      So, to cut this long post short: Next time, take the blue pill...

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    Hey there. The Warrior Forum has a plethora of information scattered all over. Just make it a point that as quickly as possible, you try and decide your plan of action. The reason I say this is that when I was a newbie, the most difficult decisions for me were regarding choosing my business model. However, since you have at least zeroed down on Adsense/PPC and Affiliate Marketing, start off by collating all the good free information you find about it in the forum and in case you haven't, please join the War Room - its a one of its kind portal!
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    Because you are a beginner, I would advise you to have a look at the Market Samurai Keyword Research modules. It's a video training and enough to give you some general understanding of why keyword research is important and how to do it properly.

    Here it is:

    Noble Samurai - Dojo - Introduction to Keyword Research

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    I suggest you should buy a tools if you want to make it quicker.. Unless you will spend months or years of practice.. The keys are : practice, practice, practice
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    Focus. Figure out HOW you would want to make income (Adsense, products, ppc, affilaite marketing etc).

    Find a REAL teacher. (Someone who is the BEST at whatever it is you want to learn. They have the results you want)

    Master it.


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