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Hi. I am creating MANUAL blogs using roboform. I was wondering since I have magicsubmitter which can be programmed to add new entries can i just program it and speed up my workload? Does it really make a difference to the big G and does it matter?please let me know from experience or solid info. Thanks
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    Magic submitter is a really nice tool to use for building link pyramids it's one of those things where you just set it and forget it

    I would recommend using it
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    im hardly using tools anymore to build links instead im being more picky where i build links and are only building links on quality relevant places

    not only will those links carry more weight but i dont have to build any near as many links in order to rank

    i still use a tool for social bookmarking bu thats it

    im finding mass link building software is becomine more useless as google tweak there algo`s

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    I keep reading about quality vs quantity etc. HOWEVER what If I can make a program using ubot or zennoposter etc to do the EXACT same thing as im doing MANUALLY. Does google know it is a program that made the link and if yes HOW does google know?
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      Originally Posted by stevejhonsons View Post

      As per my suggestion manually SEO is better than automated. In manually you can aware with your post, sites and links.
      is that the only reason its better?
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    In general, the problem with automatic tools to create backlinks or content is it is super easy for Google to monitor the patterns they use and discount anything that uses this pattern in their rankings.

    Any form of manual link building has that spontaneity with blogs used, timing of links, IP adresses, etc. etc. that it looks natural to the big G.

    Google sees natural links as REAL links that mean a whole lot more than links that have been created with a familiar pattern to Google.
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    Manual link is better but takes a lot of times but if you are using automation software, spin the content little bit with some keyword variation of the links. Also try make it seems natural to avoid raising suspicion from Google.
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    Manually is still better than automated IMO.

    Manually written contents is better than automated contents.
    Manually built backlinks looks more natural than automated baclinks.
    Manually set-up blogs are more organized than autoblogs.

    But in some cases automated is better than manual. But I'll still go for manual
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    I believed Manual SEO is better approach. It is safer than automated SEO by miles. The only downhill of manual SEO is it is taking too much efforts and times to see the results. You are somewhat screwed up if you lack of discipline or focus.
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    Manual is still better because you can ensure that you are doing the right thing and your links are there. On the other hand, automated tools are still software programs that can make mistakes/errors during the submission process.

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    Manual submission is better then software submission. Manual submission links have a great value in the eye of google because it is natural links. Manual submission accept more links instead of software submission.
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    Yea, manual is always better, but I use automated to drive the manual.
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    I do Manual SEO for 80% and do 20% automated SEO by purchasing seo services from the seo companies. However, manual SEO gave me lots of satisfaction and confidence than the automated process.
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    Its true automatic link builder are not so much appreciable and not advise able, however it works. but search engines like Google and its bots means Google panda dislike this because they will count it in spamming. and your site PR and traffic will also effected by this type of spamming. Avoid it.
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    Manual methods will always be the better choice when it comes to SEO. Although SEO relies heavily on beating out the competition, it really comes down to how much real effort you have put into your SEO. Especially since the launch of Google Panda, search engines are dissecting the campaigns of all websites, ensuring that they produce quality backlinks, content and keywords.
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    Emulate manual SEO with automated tools and you won't believe your eyes. You can still leverage the power of automated tools do make it look natural, afteral it's the user and not the tool that screws up or achieves great rankings.
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    Googlebot has now become smarter enough to detect automatic generated links after the last update from Matt Cutts. Never use automatic link building because it may penalize your website
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    Almost 6 years doing manual SEO, so far less trouble
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    Never involve in automated SEO. Just put some time to do manual SEO. Because, manual SEO will give you the permanent results to you..!
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      Originally Posted by Steffy Rose View Post

      Never involve in automated SEO. Just put some time to do manual SEO. Because, manual SEO will give you the permanent results to you..!
      Care to eloborate that bold statement? How can I've been doing automated SEO for years now and my results are still great?
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      • Manual SEO is definitely a better option. Although automatic SEO is cheaper and save you time, it is also less accurate and less efficient. Manual SEO is a proven way to maximize your website exposure and get quality backlinks.
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    It mostly depends on what content you create along with your backlinks and the footprints you leave behind your backlinking efforts.

    If you automate backlinking with deeply spun content, you can get the same SEO value as if you were doing it manually.

    Manual is always better, but often it's impossible (or would be too time-consuming).
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