Squidoo, Hubspage or any other?

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Hi Warrior Marketers,

I was wondering about a few things if you can answer it for me!

Let say I build an article for a affiliate product.

I don't wanna put it on my website and I wanna use a kind of squidoo, hubspage, ezine article or anything similar.

#1 Should I always put an affiliate link plus a backlinks with anchor text to my website?

#2 which of these kind of page squidoo, hubspage, ezine are more easy to rank on google?

#3 What's the easiest website like those I mentioned to rank for in google?

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    The easiest way to rank is not to put your affiliate links in your Squidoo, hubpage, etc. article, it's to put a link back to your main site.

    Do all of these, Squidoo, hubpage, ezine articles, wordpress and blogger. Then link them all back to your main page and well as add links to each article on each of these authority sites.

    Squidoo has become a pain in the @ss these days for adding content, but it does rank well.

    Using an authority blog as your main blog is a great idea. That's what I do, then you don't need as many additional high Page rank sites to rank.

    I hope this helps. pm me if you need any additional information.

    Lori P.
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  • hey, Squidoo, hubpage, ezine article and blogger are the effective way to promote our keywords and website.
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    Can I use these website for affiliate links? because I don't really care about my main site I got enough backlinks. I see a lot of ezine squidoo huspage ranking well for some profitable keyword and I thought it was easier to rank with one keyword on these kind of site which has a lot of value than my new website ...?
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    anyone knows if I can and if I should do it on these kind of pages instead of my website ? I was just wondering which of these two solutions was easier for ranking.
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      The sites you mentioned do not allow affiliate links. Most moderated sites will not allow affiliate links in articles.
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    You can make backlinks for your main site using the networks you said and then for promoting your affiliate link, you can link to it from your main website and its a good strategy in my opinion. I am not sure if these sites allow putting affiliate links on your articles, so i suggest above way i explained.

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    Originally Posted by LaverdureShow View Post

    #1 Should I always put an affiliate link plus a backlinks with anchor text to my website?

    #2 which of these kind of page squidoo, hubspage, ezine are more easy to rank on google?

    #3 What's the easiest website like those I mentioned to rank for in google?

    Hi there

    Some answers to your questoins.

    1. I would say put a backlink as anchor text to your website. So people can go to your site and purchase anything if they are interested.
    If they go right to the sales page through hub page for example, they wont know your website, and thus in future if hubpage shuts your site down, one part of your income is gone.

    Or people who wants to revisit will need to visit that particular hubpage page to click the link, its easier for them to remember a single website.

    2. If you are asking which has better link juice for your backlink then you have to see the PR. but if you are asking which of the individual page that you created on those website will rank fastest or easiest then you will have to check with SEOquake.

    There is 2 separate data for yahoo links.
    1 shows LD, links pointing to domain, another shows L, links pointing to that page.
    If the LD and the L is the same, its good. Because they share the domain popularity with all the pages inside the domain. Meaning all their subdomain gets the benefit too.

    But if the LD is in the millions like for weebly for example, and the L is in the 100s only, it means the domain popularity of weebly does not affect your sub page inside weebly. And so it takes longer to rank.
    Because google sees it as a different page from weebly.

    3. Which is the fastest/easiest way? Hire me! LOL kidding...
    This is actually the same question as number 2, just that you rephrased it. lol

    hope it helps.
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      YEs it does help! thanks.

      So mixing things is the best way to get high search engine and more traffic I guess.

      What about spun article and then I send it too many directories with a software?
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    I'm not so sure you should be trying to "rank" pages on those sites you mentioned. I know for a fact that if you're trying to rank an EZA page, you'd be better off putting your article on your own site, getting it indexed, and then submitting it to EZA. Squidoo has given me a lot of problems lately, such as removing my lens the next day after I published it. It wasn't a sales type lens either, was just content with one external link back to my site...

    Personally, I'd add the article to my own site and add my Aff links. Then just backlink with anchor text back to your new article from those sites you mentioned.

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    I see article with 150k views in 2-3 years how they got so much traffic?
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    How comes some article has 100k-200k view in 2-3 years ?
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    Ezinearticle, goarticle , articlebase, hub pages
    These above four are best to get easy crawl by google and get rank.
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    i think hubpages would be the easiest to rank so used them
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    Hubpages is the best for ranking yes, also squidoo can help you for a long period. By the way, EzineArticles is another great alternative for a better ranking, but the negative thing is that you can't make more than 2,3 links on the same article, you should write very quality articles for each website... It is easy, but if the niche is something very ... hard to write about, for example affiliate (Ezinearticles does NOT allow self-promotion!), so it would be great just to advertise your other pages (Hubpages and Squidoo!)

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