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I was debating between using two social bookmark services (Synnd and SocialAdr) both of which provide a level of randomness in the timing, bookmark content and IPs to make the social promotion look natural. I believe both of these tools allow for spinning of the bookmark title and description. However, I was reading the following comment which further distinguishes these two tools in terms of the IP footprint they leave:

"SocialAdr uses server level IP addresses which are easy to trace.

Synnd uses ISP level IP addresses which rotate at the user level and are not traceable because they are not tied to servers but real "human" machines.

Bottom line ... Synnd uses the IP addresses of its 1000 members ... SocialAdr users the IP addresses of servers which are already known."

In this new SEO climate of Google reverse engineering footprints of paid blog networks and penalizing for "over-optimization", which tool seems like a less risky solution for handling social bookmarking in a natural, less detectable way?

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    Based on the info you provided Synnd is clearly more natural, but Google would not know the IP of the bookmarker.
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    Yes, but if Google know the IP of servers and those IPs are shared across multiple SB accounts, wouldn't that tip them off to a predictable footprint?
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      In this tepid period, I would definitely go with the more natural appearing links and that appears to be Synnd. However, I don't believe a word about "over optimization", it's simply a scare tactic by Google. (something they have become quite proficient at)
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    Thanks for the feedback. Anyone know how many active members there are in the Synnd network these days?
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    I have been deliberating over Synnd for some time now. As far as I know you just leave on your computer and it does the rest. I can't see how google could ever be able to penalize this method as like has been said, all isp address's are individual to its members.

    Really interested to hear from warriors that have been using Synnd and the improvements or not in rankings?
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