Google rankings - I'd laugh but it's too painful - Explain this if you can!

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A lot is happening right now with google rankings and it's various panda releases in the last few weeks.

Their stated aim is to improve the quality of the search results. (Their unstated aim is to make more PPC income).

Anyway, can anyone explain this or tell me it's not just me that thinks google has gone psychotic:

One of our authority sites has been around for more than ten years. For at least 5 years or more we have had one of our main two word keyword phrases always sitting on page one of google.

It is a nice site, hundreds of pages of unique content. It is not an exact match domain. NO spammy links have ever been built for the site. It has never been part of any blog network etc...

The last few days this traffic has reduced by half as we are no longer on page 1. We are now on page 2 at about position 15.

I am gutted about this. About half of the sites above us I recognise but there are now about 5 or 6 different sites ranking better than us that were never on the radar.

Believe it or not, one of these sites is one of ours which we have never done anything with. I mean this literally.

The new site of ours that is beating our authority site is an exact match domain, but it has zero content on it. All it has on it is the install page for drupal. It has had absolutely no links done on it and it literally has zero content apart from about 200 words of drupal gobbledy-gook.

So please can anyone tell me how google thinks that ranking a page higher with nothing on it (although an EMD) is better than ranking a well established non spammy site.

Basically, I am now completely at a loss about SEO. All of the old basic "rules" don't even seem to apply anymore.

Does anyone have any shred of a clue about what is going through google's mind and how we can get some common sense ranking happening here.

(I will of course be adding some content to our new EMD wonder site, but that isn't the point).

What is happening is actually quite sad and it makes no sense to read about good businesses and websites being affected so dramatically and so ruthlessly with no come-backs.

Spare me the "it's google's site they can do anything they want" lecture.

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  • Profile picture of the author paul nicholls
    hey sam

    i know what you mean it can seem crazy at times

    how long has it been since you lost your rankings and traffic?

    if it hasnt been that long i wouldnt worry about it too much because it could just be an algo shift and your site is just jumping around a little

    once google sort themselves out it will more than likely go up again

    in the meantime i would just keep adding plenty of juicy content so the spiders keep crawling and
    see what happens in a few weeks time

    i know its not exactly the holy grail answer but its pretty much all we can do

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    I feel the same way. In my niche, there is a blogspot blog that is ranking high for top keywords. But the funny thing is that the blog has nothing on it. It actually is a deleted blog (deleted by Google, it was a famous blog about making money online and ... its a long story).

    So, yeah, it does seem crazy. I hope it will all be sorted out soon and things will improve. Best of luck to you.
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  • yes if its only recent then probably an algo change and google dance - google are changing things every day, not just when they decide to make a blog post about it
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  • Profile picture of the author Steadyon
    Yes, things change and it could be a google dance, but I can't be so optimistic....Can I?

    How can a page with no content, just one mention of the keyword in the domain name, dance all the way from no where, onto the first page. (And with ZERO backlinks).

    What nonesense.

    To alter a famous phrase, "The People get the Search Results / Search Engine they deserve".

    I guess most end users don't see much difference in the crap they are getting served each time they do a search and they are generally happy enough with what they see.

    Google is so far entrenched in most people's brains that they don't look elsewhere very often.
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  • Profile picture of the author zaco
    No its not a Google Dance, Google did a change and that change messed up stuff, they are aware of it and they are fixing it, check
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    • Profile picture of the author Mike Anthony
      Hard to say. I no longer know what people mean anymore when they say they have an authority site. Its about as cloudy as what people mean when the say they have quality content when half the time it isn't.

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  • Profile picture of the author retsek
    Has your site returned?

    Several people across several forums & twitter are confirming your exact situation and subsequent recovery after a day or so.

    Looks like they rolled back a bad egg of an update.
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    Hm thanks for that link zaco
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    • Profile picture of the author LiamP
      The friendly fire hypothetical:
      Google's internal metrics rate their "Results Accuracy Score" at 70%. That is, 70% of results are good, 30% are bad.
      They make changes to their algorithm to increase the score.
      They get it up to 71%, this happened by turning 21 of the 30% bad into good, and 20 of the 70% that were good into bad.
      Google are happy as their overall score has increased. However they have made 20% of people newly unhappy. Newly unhappy people tend to speak up in forums, newly happy do not.

      The numbers above are obviously not correct. But the overall point is this : Google can make a lot of people unhappy and still give greater benefit overall to both themselves and their users.

      The conspiracy hypothetical:
      Google's stock is falling, their CPC is down. By making their results worse, they increase use and value of their paid ads. I don't buy this one, too many holier-than-thou Google staff would have to sign on.

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    their unstated aim is to make more ppc income-100% true dude-
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