What scares you the most?

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This is a pretty serious question when it comes to marketing.

What scares you the most in the affiliate, ppc, and SEO world?
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    For me SEO scares a lot as SEO is being done with black-screen, I mean, SEO guys are not very clear about algorithm of search engines, however, with some hints, tips, skills and experience they get it done.
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    Low Quality of the website contents always scares me. So, i use to create high quality contents all the time, it may takes more time to create quality contents but give good results and keep our website in safe place all the time.
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    PPC scares me, no doubt its powerful marketing channel but here is a chance of loosing money.
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    Loosing ranking is very awful in seo.
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    SEO, since it is something that you cannot fully control as your work and position is ultimately in the hands of 1 company...I think we all know who that is

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