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Do you thing it is a good idea to register a domain with your own brand or EMD? For example, I want to create a movie site and use domain name like "moviebuzz" or according to keyword with high search volume? Please share your though. Thanks!
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    absouletly create a brand name.

    MovieBuzz.com would be awesome but it is probably taken.

    Say for example

    Avatar in 3d trailer gets 30000 exact searches a month. You create a EMD for it but then a 3 months later it only gets 100 searches a month. Then create another EMD and so on. This gets very expensive.

    But with a MOVIEBUZZ.com, You would create a webpage MovieBuzz.com/avatar-3d-trailer

    You could do this for 1000 of searches, This will over time create a authority domain name and any webpage that you put up would rank very high right of the bat.

    With these types of sites you could easily make 1000 per day. CPA works very well here.

    Build the site for the visitor and work on everyday you will soon have a monster site.
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    Brand name, definitely.

    While EMD's used to be pretty powerful, I think they're a little overrated these days unless you're going after terms with very little competition.
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    I won't say that there is no money in EMD's, but I definitely don't like them.

    As said above, MovieBuzz.com can handle many movies, while AvatarIn3d.com can be only 1 thing, and this domain will probably get banned (coz of copyrights). By the path of logic MovieDatabase.com can also handle many topics, but it doesn't sound like a brand name. Brandable names have many more different advantages.

    Definitely create a brand.
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      It depends on what you're trying to achieve.

      Continuing on your movie site example... if you want a site which will be the authority when it comes to anything to do with movies, and you will brand/promote it as such, then for sure you should go with a branded name such as "moviebuzz.com".

      However, if you just want to rank a mini affiliate site for the search term "cheap movie tickets small town Ohio" and you find the EMD "cheapmovieticketssmalltownohio.com" to be available... since all you really want to do is make a small affiliate site directing people to go elsewhere via your affiliate links and purchase their cheap movie tickets for small town Ohio, and you don't have any future plans to develop this site into a huge site about movies which sells movie tickets for every location in the USA & more, then you're fine, and possibly better off, with the EMD.

      Down the line, if you've got some small sites ranking which have to do with movies, and now you decide that you've got a nice grasp of the niche and you want to start "moviebuzz.com" and push moviefone.com out of business, then you start your large site and just 301 redirect your EMDs to your authority site.
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    I always use branded domain name to my services and products And always separately make EMD sites for traffic purpose.
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