How fast can you show up in google results?

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What is the fastest you have ever had a site go from registration to first page of Google results? Can it be done in under a week?
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  • It can be done in hours, depends on the authority of your site. It can also take weeks or months.
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    My webpage took over 2 weeks to get in the first place on Google. I wont say it is hard but it just takes hard work.
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    I've had results next day but sticking was another thing. I have learned not to place my business in the hands of Google. I used to sweat if they made one algorithm change. Now I am diversifying by learning different traffic sources. It can take a second to build your skill set in traffic generation and conversion but its worth the journey.
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    A few hours to show up in Google search results. Ranking is another thing though.
    No more...
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    This can take a couple of weeks for the keyword that you are ranking for to show up on the first page of google simply by adding your website to link directories and exchanging links with link exchange networks
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    I've seen some of my keyword rankings happen within a few days and I've indexed my site with google within hours.
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    It can most certainly be done in a week and I've seen it done within a day for one of my sites. The trick for me is I had a specific product and product number that I ranked for. So, the more drilled down your keywords are, the better chances you have for a quick ranking. For example: "The Atlanta Braves Baseball Team" should be easier to rank than just "baseball". Hope that helps.
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    You ca do it fast for a keyword that has no competition, but the question is why would you want to rank for it?

    Ranking a website takes time, and the goal should never be to rank it under a week. The goal should be to rank consistently for keywords that make you money, so that you can expand your business.
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    I agree. You can get your sites and blogs indexed the same day if you're lucky.
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    It certainly can be as little as a day, if the domain is established already new pages/posts are almost instant.

    Use something like pingler to notify the search engines of the new content, and ask some of your friends to +1 it on Google Plus.

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    Originally Posted by mystockanalysis View Post

    What is the fastest you have ever had a site go from registration to first page of Google results? Can it be done in under a week?
    By doing a long tail search for a specific article I put on my website, Self Help - Revenue Sharing - Personal Improvement | SeekSuccess, I have seen articles get indexed as fast as 5-10 minutes after being posted. There is no nothing as great as putting content on your own site.
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    If you have a high authority site, I have seen my post show up with 20 minutes or within one hour. Other websites? I am still waiting a year later to find that post.

    It depends on the quality of the site you post it on - as was mentioned earlier, the authority of the site that you post it on in Google's eyes.

    It also depends on the competition for the keyword you targeted and/or the geographical area you targeted.
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    within 24 hours..

    The most important factor here is keyword research...

    But to keep the sites on first page really hard..
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    This question is pointless.

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    my personal experiences said blogspot most of the time index real time.u can try this
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    If you have very high domain authority, your article is indexed by google indexed in real time.
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    Yes, it can be done in under a week but I think it will depend on what kws you are targeting. Obviously, you could rank a long tail obscure kw on first page faster than something a little more difficult.

    Doing what everyone else is doing? You'll get the same results... 97% fail. Are you a sheep or a wolf? My team and I are changing the game. It's not as hard to make it online as you might think. Let's connect and see if we can help you.

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    Ya, it depends on the keyword competition. If the competition is low you can achieve first page ranking in few weeks.
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    Feel a bit nervous but would like to know if this doable to you all. I know nothing much about SEO and it took me a 9days to bring my new site onto google's 1-2nd pages. I don't have much content on is one of my issues. So, I tried an experiment on another blog site of mine and put in a couple of very small paragraphs with a title. Inserted a link to my new website and found it one the Google 1st page and as a 1st hit within seconds if not definitely under 60seconds . Then I did another one and captured the process and made a video. I am putting it together with a few page document explaining what I did (not a "how to"). I think I can repeat this again and again until Google does something.

    If anyone interested, please let me know. I can send some proof asap.

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    Depending on the keywords and competition, yes. I have successfully ranked a site in less than a week several times.

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    It depends on your website. If you have a new website then it can take time. Also it depends on your Keywords as well. If you have less competitive keywords then you can rank it easily with just On page SEO and if you have more competitive keywords then you need to give time to link building and all the SEO stuff !


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