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I keep hearing about different types of backlink structures. These include:

-Link pyramids
-Link wheels
-Link magnets
-Link pushes
...and I'm sure there are several others, too.

That said, which type of link structure is best for increasing search engine rankings? (And do certain link structures run a higher risk of getting Google slapped?)
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    No idea.. bt I think Link Pyramid and Link Wheel are best...
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    All are considered black hat and should be avoided. Just build links and stop worrying about the structure.
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    The Night Fox is right, different structures of links specifically for gaming the system are quickly found out and devalued by Google.

    It is safer to build your links as organically as possible, for long term progressive results.
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      "Gaming" the system? It's something like exploiting the system - but it doesn't change the fact that it will be there to stay.

      There are white hat methods of employing such techniques. For example, you CAN build narrow domain sites on Web 2.0 or other hosting channels, and create white-hat followings on these sites on the second tier.

      With brilliant content and social chatter, these sites can then link up to a personal blog, or your main site.

      That isn't manipulation, imho.

      7-figure entrepreneurs aren't made overnight. You can make money online with a full time income through blogging and making words crackle with energy. ;)
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    Tiered backlinking is the best approach, in my opinion. There's the cascade effect that makes the first tier backlinks get more strength and therefore strengthens the money site as well.

    You can use in-content links as the first-tier backlinks and then some lower-quality links as the second-tier backlinks (such as profile links/web directory links).
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    Yes creating link wheel, Link pyramids and other forcefully created links are considered as spam and if Google caught your website doing so then your website will lead to be penalized or de- rank your website keywords, so it's better to create natural one way link, while creating any link you have to check the quality of the website and what amount of value you will get from that link.
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