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Hi Warriors

I have been researching PR and Article for SEO purpose, my interest is to improve my online presence, drive traffic, build inbound links and improve organic search engine results.

This is what I understand about press release / articles

A press release is time-sensitive and creates a short burst of traffic or links generated - when fresh news is published, the rank of older press releases falls. The upside of press releases is that they receive a different type of exposure than articles. Press releases are published on networks of news syndication websites, news portals and sometimes they even reach large news websites. Also, Google seems to value what it considers to be "news", as it's fresh and up-to-the-minute information, and therefore content appearing on news syndication sites may rank higher faster in results pages than content published on an article directory or website. Press Releases must be written to follow a strict format. Press release can be very short - 150 words, need submitting to Press Release channels / sites (I assume the higher page rank the better).
Manual submission will achieve better publishing rates. There are many pr2-6 sites that accept free submission. There is software around which will automate the submission of articles/press releases, making it far quicker, but the drawback seems to be that not everything gets accepted. So, it comes down to time consumption vs. submission success rate; which can be hard to choose between.

Article marketing is a long term marketing strategy that results in an increase of links over time (after submitting an article the number of publishers who re-publish the article multiplies and the article popularity tends to go up over time) Also, as time passes, the likelihood that your article will be picked up by more and more sites increases, which results in an increase in backlinks to your site and which also effects your search engine ranking. Articles are bigger 400 - 800 words. With article marketing, your article must not be "promotional" or "self-serving". The appropriate place to reference your business and website is the resource box, which sits below your article. Articles need submitting (I assume the higher page rank the better). Manual submission will achieve better success rates. There are many pr2-6 sites that accept free submission.
Articles must be spun at sentence and paragraph level between submissions.
A press release can be reworked to become an article as long as it fits the criteria.

I have devised this strategy:
1. Employ skilled writer to producing good quality script. 2 Articles and 1 Press Release per week
2. Writer uses spinning software to multiply x 10
3. Employ freelancer to submit articles / press releases (pay for published work not submissions)

I would appreciate any advice you can offer how to achieve my goal with limited budget.
Can a Press Release be submitted several times without spinning?
What is the recognised best spinner?
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    Instead doing all that spinning and automated submissions, why not dedicate that same time and resources to identifying quality sites related to yours; reach out to them and offer guest articles.

    Quality is better than quantity.

    Press Releases are a great option, but what you're describing is not an effective use of it. I've yet to see a free press release service that's worth the effort to submit to. The goal of the press release should be to get people in your industry/niche to write about you and what's in your press release. Therefore it needs to be newsworthy. Your goal shouldn't be to get links from press release sites, that's just a side effect.
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    If you do spin,

    I would say, work your butt off on one article. Really hammer it home.
    Then spin it really well yourself. You will get a whole lot back from the process.

    I am glad I put myself through the process to see what it takes.
    Now I can outsource and appreciate the worth.

    PM me to know more as I may be of assistance.

    JosephPeter ''its all about the list''
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    I would personally stay away from spinning things right now, just work on quality content articles, PR, social bookmarking, you tube, etc.
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    Spinning = Junk! Who does it help? The article directories are junk only spinners use them

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    -Mark Twain

    Someone stole my mood ring... I don't know how I feel about that.
    -Tracey Morgan 30 Rock

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    I guess you still don't know how article marketing works. Spinning is not necessary at all. Check out all Alexa Smith's posts on this forum. She has a very good explanation and understanding about article marketing.
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