who will be beneficial for us .COM or .ORG

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who will be beneficial for me .COM or .ORG actually i want to purchase domain who will be beneficial for me.
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    What is the purpose of the site? I know it isn't enforced, but .com was supposed to be for commercial (business) ventures, and .org was supposed to be for groups and non-profit organizations.
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    You can do fine with either but if the .com is available always get it over any other extension.
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    If you are building a brand that is important to you, get both.

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    For sure, .COM is the most popular of all. If you choose .ORG, it means that your website is a non-profit organization. But I think it doesn't matter anymore whether if it's a .COM or .ORG, as most SEO specialists and internet marketers here are researching and targeting EMD's to rank better in the SE's.
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    i want to perches domain in movies related, now can you help me out.
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      .org was never for a nonprofit. It was about organizations.
      Plenty of organizations are for profit.

      .org was opened up to everyone years ago.

      Come on people, this is 2012. I seem to repeat that
      a lot.

      I think this stuff is just caused by people not being in
      on the history of the net and having no clue as
      to extensions. General extensions, (they are really
      targeted for US, actually) whether it be .net, .org,
      .net have no juice from google. Ditto for .info, .biz,
      .tv, etc.

      People will talk about this and that, but never anything
      SEO related about normal extensions. I aint talking about
      .cn or . t k or other such rot.


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    I agree with Unclebuck, if the .com is available always get that one as it can outrank the other extensions provided that everything else were the same between the other sites and the .com in theory.
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    I use any kind of domain extensions for my websites. The type of the extension plays no impact at all in an SEO campaign. Heck, I can even rank websites just by making use of .info domains.
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    If you have a choice between .com and .org the .com is always better. It's more memorable.
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