Google analytics not showing our traffic...why?

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not sure what section to post this question but figured that people here would have both web creation/optimization skills as well as be dialed in to google analyt peculiarities...we've got a wordpress site (over a year old and PR3) which, according to godaddy analytics is getting thousands of hits per month, but, according to our google analytics we're getting barely 200 per month...I've had a couple of coders go in and try to figure out why we don't seem to be showing up in google analyt...we've just gotten on to page one thru our seo program for one of our keywords and we're using all in one seo pack and we have the google analyt plugin...we also have the code in our footer (or where ever its supposed to go) and none of the tech oriented folks can hazard a guess as to what's up with our stats...can you guys suggest any ideas? or, if there's a better area of WF to post this lemme know...thnx!
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    First of all, is the Google analytics code on every page of your site right above </body></html>?

    If so, I've seen these types of differences in other stats programs such as awstats, analog stats, etc. It could be that Godaddy is counting ALL traffic which includes bots, spiders, etc. whereas Google analytics is only showing "real" visitors.
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    Just delete the analytics plugin, and delete the analytics code from anywhere else you may have pasted onto your site.

    Go back into analytics, re-copy the code, and then go into your header.php settings.

    Paste the code anywhere after the <head> tag and before the </head> tag.

    That should work.
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      Hi dogstar,

      mgreener nailed it.

      You are looking at stats from 2 different sets of data, one is server data which measures hits to the webserver, the other measures browser stats from web clients that have Javascript enabled. Since bots and spiders generally do not run Javascript those visits are not included in the browser stats. Also the server data does not include page views and visits when loaded from browser or proxy cache files, only hits to the webserver are included.
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