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Seems like there was always at least one thread about Fiverr gigs on here the last couple weeks and they've all dried up.

I tried Fiverr for one niche site, 2 social bookmarking gigs, which got the site slapped by Google.

I'm curious if other people are still using Fiverr or if everyone it too scared now. Or is the topic just getting old and people are using it but talking about other stuff now.
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    Come on buddy,exactly what do you think your gonna get for a fiver. They will be all spammy links
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      Fiverr is still a great palce to sell service and ebooks, but the money from Fiverr isn't made on the front end it's made from backend sales off Fiverr.

      I wrote a post on how I made $900 selling one ebook on Fiverr and you can read it by clicking on the link below:


      I hope this helps,

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      Originally Posted by allsystems View Post

      Come on buddy,exactly what do you think your gonna get for a fiver. They will be all spammy links
      actually it is much more than that.

      fiverr is the biggest sure source online of viruses, malwares, spammers and SCAMMERS.
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        I have had great experiences with Fiverr, but not for linking. I'm trying to get my brand social network pages rolling, so I've used them for social networking "shares." It helps get the word out, and I've ended up with a ton of legit fans / followers / circles because of the shares and promotions by people with tens of thousands of friends.

        I'd be way too leery to use them for links though.
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    You are gonna be rich with your 900 USD in sales
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    I use Fiverr for social bookmarking and the occasional Blog commenting service (150 manual comments, etc..)
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    Fiverr is just about the worst place you could go for SEO unless your into negative SEO
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    ok so who'd like to chip in with a positive comment such as

    "the best place to go for backlinks is............."

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    Its Just That You Need To Find The Right Guy !
    No One Is Going To Give You 2,000 Quality Links For 5$ !
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    I guess people now know that you get what you pay for,
    especially with crappy gazillion backlinks.


    Kingged.com Coaching and Partnership Program
    Is The ONLY Coaching Program That Does 99% Of The Work
    So they EARN while they LEARN

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    fiverr is great for some things - but not everything. If you want the structure of a link pyramid created... fiverr is great. The articles on the 2.0's will be horrible, but you can replace those with your own content. You just need to take the fiverr gig to the next level to make it quality- which isn't hard if you get the right gigs.
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